Camaro MIGHT be a diesel

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  1. I've drank and drove for going on 5 years. I'm also a young male driver, and hence should have wrecked regardless. None the less I have never been in any sort of a wreck at all. If (more likely when) I do wreck it won't be because I'm drinking tea at the time.
  2. are you so #$%#ing stupid that you take everything literally ?
  3. Yes, America has a mobil culture, we use our cars as tools and often treat them like dining rooms and offices and what not, it's much different there where driving is the activity in itself. When Porsche began selling cars here they were literally confused for a while about why the hell Americans wanted cupholders.
  4. "Camaro" and "diesel" Two things not mentionable in the same sentence.
  5. Only if you fail life.
  6. Atleast in the time being, IMO he is right, perhaps in 7 years or so it would be acceptable
  7. Anybody, who had the chance to drive BMW 330cd - 3 litre diesel coupe, or Peugeot 407 Coupe with 2,7 HDi, or even MB CLS 400cdi must say: YES!!!! But in america, it is hard to understand it... you´ll find out sooner or later...
  8. False.
  9. 1st there is no suitable powerplant

    2nd there is no market
  10. If I had the choice between a cool 6'er diesel (or 8 even), and an engine the same size being petrol, I think I'd go for the diesel.
  11. An espresso is 2 or 3 small sips and you're done. Is not like Amrican coffee where you drink a gallon.
  12. ..and still fall asleep right after =D

    Also, I #$%#ing love espresso

    edit: or after a restaurant dinner, a good coffee with amaretto or marakesh.
  13. Always after my lunch I drink an espresso with a cigarette. It's great
  14. That's seriously the way to go - even on vacation I pick terraces, sheer to have that.
  15. Diesels don't really belong in sports cars. They're fine for sedans and trucks and SUVs, but not for a Camaro.
  16. Yea if you're talking straight esspresso. Many people drink coffee like that. But many people drink drip coffee, or lattes, or any of the many other drinks as well. I don't even like coffee, I hate it. That's why I drink tea. But in any event I'm sure not everyone ONLY drinks esspresso shots.
  17. Why don't they belong? They can deliver equivalent, often superior performance and reliability compared to a standard gasoline engine, with much greater fuel mileage. I fail to see the problem.
  18. Which is kinda gay bein that the powerstroke and the cummins are awesome engines.
  19. Diesel in the States has high sulfur content. By 2007 the high-sulfur phase out begins, walk into an auto parts store now and check the fuel additive area and you will notice new labeling on most bottles stating whether the product meets/exceeds the low sulfur requirement or if the product has high sulfur content.

    All 2007 diesel engines have to meet low sulfur emissions testing, tweaks and redesigning have occured for 2007, but diesel fuel is changing soon. Change = More $$. Though there are now bio-diesel gas stations in California.
  20. Same here.
  21. How do you arrive at that conclusion? is there any logic or is just your prejudice or preference that makes you say that?
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    1) They require an iron block, adding weight and throwing off the weight distribution.
    2) They do not develope power in nearly the same way as a regular gas engine. They don't rev well, and the massive torque they make doesn't make up for that. This is forgivable in a sedan or truck, but not a performance car. Watch this video of you need visuals of their shortcomings in a performance setting:

    3) Who cares about fuel economy in a Camaro? Honestly. Don't buy a Camaro if that's your concern.

    Bottom line, they don't deliver superior performance. Efficiency, yes. Performance, no.
  23. I've seen diesels in action. How many diesel-powered sports cars have there been over the years? Diesels are good engines, i won't deny that. I just don't think they're the RIGHT engine for a Camaro. I think GM would get a better return on their investment with an optional V6 to complement the regular V8.
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    I'm forwarding your post to the Audi racing team to show them why they're wrong and can't win LeMans...
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    Ok, you do that. Ask them why it took them 100 years to pull it off.

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