Camaro MIGHT be a diesel

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  1. The always improving technology, idiot, the reason of why is stupid to say that diesel engines CAN'T be applied to sports cars because (insert any diesel prejudice).
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  3. By that logic, it took Audi 100 years to win LeMans with a gasoline engine.
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    1. It's funny you claim that diesels require an iron block, yet the car you singled out with that video (BMW 330d), in fact, uses an aluminum block. Further, there are other diesels, past and present, which have used aluminum blocks. Therefore, your point is worth #$%#-all.

    2. As for "shortcomings in a performance setting," I didn't watch that video, but I read the C/D review of the 330d, and the only shortcoming they noticed was that the diesel doesn't have as smooth of a power delivery as the gas engined 330i. But since we're talking about Camaros here, and since Camaros have never had anything resembling a "smooth power delivery," this is a non-issue.

    3. Well, the last gen of Camaros got nearly 30 mpg with a 350 horsepower 5.7L V-8, a major source of bragging rights, especially against performance four-cylinders with less power/torque/displacement (S2000).

    And where's your idea that diesels don't deliver superior performance? C/D ran a test a while back, and all but one (out of four IIRC) of the diesels outperformed their gasoline counterparts.
  5. Diesels are obviously so horrible that Jaguar and Lamborghini have considered developing diesel powered versions of some of their current products (XK, Gallardo).
  6. The Corvette "could" have a 4 cylinder too, but it won't.
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    So your argument is the same argument ricer fanboys use against American V8s. They don't "feel" fast, and they don't rev high. I personally have always loved the kick that TDs have even in trucks, and the BMW revs to 5k. Also I hope you remembered that it had less HP than the gasoline engine. If that TD had the same peak HP, with oodles more TQ it undoubtedly would have killed it accross the board. They can in fact make TDs with that kind of power, such as the new one GM will be coming out with. If you don't like the power delivery (as he didn't) then oh well.

    As for 1, some engines are iron block even if they're gas. Sure it is a downside, but if it's cheaper and what you want then whatever. 3 I also agree with you on. But if you have the option of getting better mileage in a Camaro and you don't mind (or god forbid like) the TD then it's just a plus.
  8. Refer to my response three posts up. The car in the video he posted does in fact have an aluminum block, and it's a diesel.
  9. Lotus toyed with the idea last year and may still go forward with a diesel-powered supercar.
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    "Hydro is supplying DaimlerChrysler with a benchmark-setting engine block from aluminum for its new Mercedes V-6 diesel engine. This very first aluminum v-block for a high-performance passenger diesel in large scale production proves that aluminum withstands the extreme pressures in this kind of engine"

    "This is not the first time that the Hydro casting unit has played its part in creating automotive history. It launched the first-ever diesel engine block made from aluminium: for Volkswagen´s "3-litre" Lupo, a record-breaking fuel saver."

    /End thread
  11. Yea, I'd had the response window open for awhile (went to the store and came back then responded) and that post hadn't been there when I opened it. So that's now one less point against it... Are TDs generally larger/heavier than OHV gasoline V8s? As in DOHC engine size/weight wise?
  12. Lets not forget Porsche, who is considering a 911 diesel in a not too distant future...
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  14. Diesels really don't have to be bigger/heavier than an equivalent gasoline engine, minus their associated turbocharger hardware. I mean, BMW, Mercedes, and the VAG (among others) use turbo-diesels in many cars and it doesn't make a huge dent on weight. Typically, they are heavier by some margin, but only because they have much greater stresses that they must endure compared to a gas engine.
  15. No, by my reasoning it took 100 years for anyone to win LeMans with a diesel.
  16. it wold be pretty cool if they could develop a 6 litre 360 hp desiel, only problem is that engine would weigh close to 1000 pounds, an equivalent gas engine would weigh around 650 - 750
  17. 1) Ok, I'm an idiot for using the BMW as an example.

    2) They also said they'd still choose the gasoline version over the diesel if they had the money.

    3) You're hitching your argument to those morons?

    Also, i'd love to see this test C/D ran. I don't recall it.
  18. That's because there have been very few diesels entered at LeMans for one. Two, diesels in the long past times were really only suitable for commercial trucks, and often had little performance value at all. Modern diesels are the exact opposite.
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  20. For one, it's because they're sucky race engines. Modern diesels are good, compared to diesels of yore, but that's not saying too much. Other than fuel economy, there's no reason to put a diesel in a Camaro, except for shits and giggles, but guess what? GM isn't in the gag business. Diesel Cadillacs? Sure. Diesel Impalas? Fine. Diesel Camaros? No. The diesel engine has excellent potential in the american family/luxury car segment. Unfortunately, performance cars don't fit into that category. I don't mean to sound like i despise diesels, i don't. But there's no way around the fact that they simply aren't performance engines in the traditional sense. Who cares that their Camaro gets 35mpg? I don't. If I wanted that I'd buy an Ion. The only reason Mustangs and Camros even came witht he V6 was for price. And with diesel hovering 25 cents per gallon more than regular, they don't have that advangtage.
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  22. I never said it was a comparison test. In any case, whether or not they're sold here doesn't make their performance advantages any less real.
  23. Those cars aren't for sale in the US, therefore they don't exist...

    Stop being an idiot.
  24. So sucky they beat out the entire field of gasoline race engines at LeMans AND Sebring.

    I hate this #$%#ing purity shit when it comes to cars. If you want purity why don't we stick the 283 back in the Camaro and fit it with American steel, no fiberglass or aluminum or plastic shit, and bias ply tires! Because a car is not a car unless it is like tradition!!

    Technological advancements, times change, people change with the times and diesels are in high demand and with diesels winning races once dominated by petrol, people will want diesels more. The demand for diesel will drive diesel price back down, not to mention bio-diesel is quite cheap and now available for public purchase at some gas stations.
  25. Here Diesel costs just a bit more than half of regular.

    "But there's no way around the fact that they simply aren't performance engines in the traditional sense."

    You're not a traditional man, traditional men like women.

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