Camaro MIGHT be a diesel

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  2. Okay. The diesel has great potential as a base powerplant for euopean Camaros. In the US, it's dead already.
  3. Ah yes the ultra rare and elusive 283 Camaro.
  4. Actually, since americans are more biased to torquey cars, I think it might be a success.
  5. Do you really think so?
  6. If you think that's gonna happen in the lifetime of this Camaro or that diesel engine, you're crazy. And yes, after 100 years of trying Audi finally did it. Diesel demand isn't going to go up, it's too damn expensive.

    Why don't we stick electric motors in it? They provide almost infinite torque and fuel economy isn't an issue? Oh wait, because that would make for a miserable car. The only reason the Europeans chose diesels is because their gas is so #$%#ing expensive. Here, it isn't, and diesel is pretty damn expensive in comparison.

    Why not stick a diesel in a Camaro? Becasue there's no reason to in the US. Diesel is expensive compared to regular.
  7. Diesels rev like garbage trucks. That's not a recipe for a good sports-car.
  8. Yes, just don't tell them it's a diesel. They would go like "My son, give me a good ol Veee Eight with 6 liters, theres no replacement for displacement"

    #$%#ing prejudices.

    edit: lol @ stereotypes/prejudices
  9. You still haven't proved why.
  10. Go drive a garbage truck. You'll probably love the fact that you have to shift at 1500rpm. But remember, it's got great torque!
  11. The BMW diesel is good for more than 3 times that rpm. It's closer to the gas engine's 7000 rpm, in that respect.
    For most everyday driving conditions, that torque is probably going to be accessed a lot more than sheer high-rpm revs. C&D admitted they were purists, but said that "the 330d is better suited for nearly everyone else". Their preference for high revs in a sports sedan might not translate to what they'd want in a muscle car.
  12. You can shift proper petrol engines at 1500RPMs, under normal driving thats when I generally shift (LS1 FTW).
  13. Right now diesel is more expencive than premium petrol. And diesels sound like crap.
  14. "proper petrol engines" l o l
  15. That depends on the area. Diesel is probably taxed more heavily in your state than it is in a lot of places. Around me, diesel is currently about 20 cents less per gallon than 87.

    You seriously need to learn when to drop a losing argument. This is a losing argument, so just drop it.
  16. lol the cheapest I've found (and it's Shell), 95 octane, is 0,826 euros per litre.
  17. Send me a compressed 15000 liter tank. Thank you.
  18. True, but in a garbage truck you HAVE to.
  19. That's because garbage trucks have massive displacement engines and aren't capable of high rpms. Smaller diesels can rev up towards and past 5000 rpm with modern technology, and while that isn't exactly much compared to gas engines, it is certainly alot more than the stereotypical diesel (garbage truck).
  20. Ok, so maybe a camaro diesel isn't such a bad idea, at least as an optional or base engine. I doubt it would sell in the North american Market.
  21. Considering this diesel is being designed specifically for the North American market, that seems like a rediculous claim.
  22. Let me put it this way, I don't think it would sell well in a Camaro.
  23. And you're quite possibly right. But I still think it's an interesting idea. Interesting enough for GM to actually produce it, maybe not. But it would be cool. To me the potential for modding it seems awesome. I was looking at some truck sites and there are modded TD trucks with 4xx and 5xx HP pushing 1200+ TQ. That is insanely insane, and awesome.
  24. 400-500 hp is practically nothing for a diesel pickup engine. They can make that much with just a computer reflash. There's plenty of pickup diesels that make 700 horsepower, no problem, and a few race builds that make well in excess of 1000 horsepower.
  25. I know. Even ones that are a few years old can push into the 400s with just basic mods. I'm sure the newer ones are pushing 500 with basic mods. I can't even imagine the TQ on a 1000HP TD engine. It'd be... like... too much?

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