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  1. This is nice, to get even 350 HP from a 5,7 Litre engine. This is what is to be admired? In fact, Your motormakers can get 62 Hp from a litre, even a very succesful mini Toyota Yaris here can get 67 Hp per liter. Last, but not least, taken into account the deportment of the Camaro on the curvy roads... Yes, to be a child and have a home-made icon, it is nice, it is patriotic even now, but all You had admired as teenagers is mainly minor-league high capacity dragster.. in such car, strong diesel would be no offence, such it was in Audi that absolutely won the 24hours Le Mans Race...
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    Holy shit you are a noob, I just thought you were a poor misinformed child.
    I dont know how many times this has been said on this forum alone, but hp/l is completely and utterly irrelvent.
    What is to be admired is that the LS1, making 350hp/375ft.lbs (and more importantly 350ft.lbs or more from idle to redline) from a 390lbs engine (dry), thats about the size of a very small V6(or smaller). And best of all, brand new its just under $6,000 (now replaced by the 400hp LS2, which is even cheaper, just as light and small).
    Since you seem to be living in a fantasy world Im sure you unaware that its been a huge trend now-adays dropping LS1s into various cars, inlcuding Miatas, Rx7s, 944s, 240SXs, BMW 3s, etc. Take a peek at my gallery for some pics, usually these cars LOOSE weight(and maintain a better weight distrabution) while gaining a bunch of power.

    You really need to come out from under that rock, fbodies do just fine on the twisties. heres an autox video of a Camaro.
    Want more?
    Its a good read.

    But since hp/l is so important we should all swap sportbike engines into our cars right?
  3. Sorry I am not a child but a bmw driver :)))). In my eyes (and believe my, in eys of MOST europeans) best engines and cars come almost exclusively from Europe or Japan. Yaris can pump 68 Hp and 97 Nm from a liter, Camaro would have to give 552 Nms to reach the same. 3liter BMW 130i, a golf-sized miracle, can get even 90 Hp per liter and 105 Nms, and weights only 355 Lbs. No turbo in both cases, also from idle to red line. Ok, but the price of camaro is good...
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    The only different between the two is BMW driver has money to blow. You and "most europeans" are brainwashed basically, you dont get any American performance cars over there, and have no experience with them (as youve proven).
    Yay, the Yaris can make 100hp, 100hp is 100hp is 100hp, just like 350 is 350. So the LS1 is in a very relaxed state of tune, whats your gripe? Want more power? Intake and catback (maybe $400) will get you a good 20+ wheel hp across the rev range. Headers is another 20... So now your making close to 400hp with just simple mods, usually improving gas milage as well.
    Lets try a scenario ok? You want to build a kit car, and the lighter the better obviously. Your engine choises are a 5L engine making 500hp, weighing 500lbs, or a 6L engine making 500hp and weighing 400lbs. Which would you go with? Can you see that hp/l is irrelivent? Real world things like weight are what matters.

    Here, the best thing you can do to a bimmer:
  5. We do get American performance cars here.
  6. Yea but you don't get very many of our sports cars. And when you do they're imported, not produced in Europe, so they cost an arm and a leg compaired to prices here. So you don't get the "full effect" of how awesome our cheap American muscle cars are for us over here.
  7. Exactly, the bang-for-buck thing you got over there is totally null and void over here. Despite that we do get the majority of cars. However, instead of SVT-fords for example, we'd have ST euro fords, which are still incredibly good. Camaros, Vipers, GTO's, Corvettes are easily available, it's just that Ford USA doesn't seem to want to export. So a lot of Mustang GT's/Shelbies go through a grey market, thus become even more expensive than they would be if they were imported through an official dealer.
  8. You're child, emotionally at least. GM could build a 300hp 3 liter V8 but it wouldn't have the same characteristics as a 5.7L with the same power. Part of the appeal of the GM smallblock V8 is that it is fairly compact, robust, cheap, and easy to tune. It also develops power in a relaxed manner, having a fat torque and power curve from idle to redline, meaning you don't have to constantly work the gearshift to keep the power on, unlike your beloved BMW I-6s, which although lovely, behave in an almost completely different matter. It's also worth noting that all that jee-whiz technology in the 130i makes it one of the most expensive cars in its class, and among the worst value.
  9. So you are comparing a 3L engine to a 5.7L engine?...
    Why don't you compare engines of the same displacement?
  10. Because the disphit i was quoting did it first? Read the thread.
  11. It's too bad really. Because as far as I have been able to deduce if our cars were imported officially they'd STILL end up being somewhat cheaper for the performance than a lot of European made vehicles. Albeit not as comfy and "classy" since we Americans can only make shit interiors.
  12. The Corvette C6 is officially imported here but compared to a M5 it is more expensive in insurance and taxes.
  13. "You want to build a kit car"??? I ask myself, WHO wants to build a kit car in the whole central Europe??? I want to have a nice car, perhaps slightly tuned, with nice rims, or chipped... but a kit car??? Let me tell You this, the point of this thread - Camaro is ok to have a 500nm diesel, I am sure disel would do no harm at all. In the US, you should change Your mind and get to like the diesels, maybe You should give a testdrive with TDI od CDI models a try. Or even the V12 TDI of Audi with 1000 NMs... Instead of protesting against high-performance turbo diesels, You should ask in Detroit why they damaged such icons of past as Mustang or Camaro by producing such unbelievable s..ts in 80s and 90s...
  14. you're really annoying
  15. you'd have to say that our ST Fords are better than the SVT Fords
  16. Ok, I'm sure america will embrace the diesel-powered camaro when Europe embraces the full-size Chevy Tahoe as everyday transportation for suburbanites. Oh, and kit cars shit all over regular cars. Yes, we could change our minds, but then again so could you, you could just stfu and have a gas Camaro or no Camaro at all.
  17. coming from the guy that said that all modded cars are shit ...
  18. I speak the truth, all modded cars ARE shit
  19. Yup, but that's a quantity thing that it's more expensive than the M5 in Europe. Say they could sell shiploads of them over here, the price would decrease accordingly. Ah well, I've seen several C6' now and one yellow Z06. I can live with them being rather exclusive on my continent =).
  20. I've never driven the SVT Fords to be honest. But if the suspension differences are the same as between the euro and the ameri Focus, then I'd agree.
  21. Only to F1GTRUeno: Not all my opinions may be correct, some may even make someone mad or be even wrong, but I bet (according to Your vulgar and really tough-guy replies), that You may only DREAM of buying Aston Martin... You have a little inferiority complex of this, havenĀ“t You?
  22. show me.
  23. Way to completely avoid the quesiton.
    The diesel offered here is different and dirtier than the diesel in Europe (or so Ive heard). And one huge turn on of muscle cars is the sound, somthing a diesel just cant do. Im not "protesting diesles" at all, I think an optional V6 diesel would be a good idea for a lower model Camaro.
    You should ask the EPA why they forced such stict regulations on cars in the 80s. Just so you know, the fox body mustang (your picture) is one of the best drag platforms out there.
  24. The ST170 and SVT are mechanically the exact same, and that's the only hot rod Focus we've had.
  25. That doesnt make any sense. Making a car ride, handle, brake or accelerate better is shit?

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