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  1. Whats the difference between a Z28 and the regular ones?
  2. Depends on what years we're talking about. Got a specific year?
  3. generally itincluded a sports apearance package and/or a more sports tuned suspension.
  4. well i was looking at one and i think the guy said like mid ninetys, '94 i think
  5. Ah, alrighty. With those cars, the difference between a normal Camaro and the Z/28 is the V-8 engine, higher-performance suspension, drivetrain, and etc.
  6. cool, thanks
  7. In the last version they had:


    Z28 - Which had the much talked about 5.7 Liter aluminum pushrod LS1

    Z28 SS (Super Sport) which was pretty much the same with "ram air" (many argue there's no such thing as true ram-air, simply cold air intake).I believe there was a couple other slight differences between the Z28 and SS.
  8. suspension, wheels & exhaust
  9. I think from '94-'97 V8 Camors heads were only aluminum.
  10. *93-97, but he was talking about the '98-02s, which is also why mentioned it being an actual LS1.
  11. yea, the LT1 is alright, but the LS1 is much better.
  13. You just earned your driver's license didn't you?
  14. me?, ya
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