Camaro SS pics

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by bob777, Aug 25, 2008.

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  2. Good Pics.
    Good car and I know It will smoke the challenger anyday but is not as impressive and badass looking as the challenger !
  3. Looks good, but I hate those wheels.
  4. I can't seem to like this car in brighter colours, needs to be something dark
  5. I so can't wait til we get these in. It's gonna be alike 6 more friggin' months. God damn it.
  6. it's ok I just looks so bulky....I guess I like the old camaro better
  7. I could see you liking a 1st or second gen better, but I really hope you dont mean the 4th gens.
  8. I like it. Too bad that IT'S SHIT.
  9. it looks so awful. i rather have an audi q5 9.4tfsi
  10. Better then the Chally
  11. Front lights look wierd
    It would look alot better black though IMO
  12. only, and slightly, in performance.
  13. The next gen Mustang will own both of these most likely


    but serious troll
  14. i will own one. at least an rs any way.

    on another note. is it just me or has pandabeat been, unbelievably, even less usefull as a member than usual lately?
  16. wtf did they do to the headlights? where are the halo's and xenons? that added so much to the front end of this car, if the camery can have LED's and Xenon headlamps so can this.
  17. the RS/SS option comes with the good headlight.
  18. Damn i need one of these. Looks real good and im sure it will own both the pony and the Challenger in performance. And im sure this will put a large hole in pony sales.
  19. The problem with the Chrysler's lineup is that there are too many Dodges and Chryslers.

    This car looks awesome.
  20. i thought this was the SS?
  21. It is the base SS. The RS/SS is a trim option just like the base model has the RS trim option.
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  23. I wonder is a bunch of Saleen/roush esque tuners will start up for this, I would really love that
  24. I emailed GMMG probably over a year ago and asked them if they had plans to mod these (Berger, ZL1, etc.). They said yes. I may have to trade the Z in depending on the price.
  25. wow I haven't seen you around for like a couple of years or something.

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