Camaro vs Mustang vs Challenger

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by ali84, Mar 23, 2009.

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  2. Mustang please
  3. Challenger looks the best.
  4. I could have easily guessed the outcome of this.
  5. I really like the new Challenger R/T and Camaro SS, but I prefer the Mustang for its heritage and long history.
  6. stang, man
  8. Black Challenger SRT-8 or this
  9. either mustang or camaro will be enough for me.
  10. Camaro Black edition.

    but C6 corvette if I had my way.
  11. well shit, if I had it my way give me an SRT-10 Viper....

    but out of the 3, the Camaro is best I think. I want one with a #$%#ing Nav screen though. Is that too much to ask!?
  12. I can't tolerate what GM did to the concept. The Mustang however, is very improved. It's also the lightest and I feel has the most potential. I love the challenger and it would be my automatic choice for styling, but I've no faith in the company and it's just a plain risky buy for resale, warranty, and aftermarket purposes. It's unclear if it will catch on and it's had some time to try.
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  14. I kinda like the Mustang, but I prefer its pre-facelift look. Camaro please.
  15. Id rather have a GT 500 than any of these, but would have a Camaro after that.
    The challenger is too heavy and big.

  16. oh wow, the back end on the mustang looks a million times better now, that said, its a toss up, camaro or mustang.
  17. Meh, they should have designed the Camaro after the '70 not the '69.
  18. why is the mustang backwards. retards...anyways wtf is with the new camaro not being a good drivers car
  19. The GT500 is like 3900 pounds I think.
  20. WHy would they test the R/T and not the SRT8?
  21. I'd have to go with the Mustang, because I'm a fanboy. But you can't really call any of them a bad choice.
  22. holy **** yes split-bumper
  23. Maybe next gen they will. Imagine this, on each subsequent model they use styling cues from one generation after the other, until they finally get back to this one. Crazy, huh?

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