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    Now... The camaro is the latest, and finest piece of performance technology 1967 has to offer... It woefully needs a complete redesign... I've owned 4 pontiac f-bodys, and I loved them... In high school! Had I ever headed down the road in one and heard silence, i'd call a priest! They rattle, and shift, and howl... The seats are only seat shaped, and have little more function then keeping your butt off the carpet... I'm also amazed that 40 years wasn't long enough to design a seal for a t-top... They run like a bat out of hell forever if you bother to change the oil, but they will always be exactally what they are... Fast, antiquated, and hastily made...
    The mustangs i've ridden in are slow, boring, and generally lame... Incidentally they are also amazingly uncomfortable! No headroom or legroom, and thats compared to the cramped f-bodys... The mustang is a magnificent rental fleet car to give to visiting female relatives checking out the local college... The techno moves forward were to satisfy someones daughter because she didnt like the icky 5.0 noise... The interior of my sisters 99 reminds me of my grandpas 87 chevy celebrity wagon, and so does its stellar mustang performance...
    The camaro does what it does far better then the mustang... The mustang does what it does far better then the camaro... They are barely comparable... The bigger f-bodys would sit better against the 94-97 t-bird considering passenger room and curb weight... Similarly, the little mustang seems more like the grand prix in size and weight... The t-bird was more refined and comfortable then the camaro, and the grand prix is more stable and livable then the mustang...
    Both these cars are useless indulgences that have only 1 purpose, speed... The v-6 camaro is faster then the v-6 stang... the z-28 is faster then the GT... The SS and old cobra were equal, and the new supercharged cobra may be the best thing to happen to american muscle since jon moss and john colletti started thier little rivalry! If it were big enough to fit a full grown man, i'd get a new cobra tomorrow, but i'd much rather transplant the cobra motor into my big comfortable t-bird... Thanks for discontinuing that car ford! Lamest thing since they stopped the impala SS... If you stand over 6'4", this argument is moot
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    LOL, well at 5'8 ish, I'm perfectly happy in my Z...and he's perfectly happy with me<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    american cars suck alot of the time!!!!! they are nowhere near the nice interior and they just genuinly suck! all they got is good trucks! and who cares trucks suck unless u make the bed like a flat sound system they are just hunks of metal with a waste of good engine under the hood!
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    I can obviously tell the only thing you've ever done with your hands is push buttons on a keyboard or gamepad and...never mind. Trucks are about the most useful vehicles out there, with space for several passengers (depending on the model), and plenty of space for building materials, tools, trash, fire wood, a bike if you have one, the tires, jack and tool kit for the race tuned Corvette on the trailer you're pulling, you name it. Anyone who has worked at any blue collar job for any length of time will acknowledge that the best vehicle to suit their needs is a pickup truck.
    If you want to see a hunk of metal with a waste of good engine under the hood, those are everywhere these days. They're called rycers.
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    I would take the mustang. Only because the Cobra R. And dont say that it was made to compete with the vette because the topic says mustang vs. camaro. And there is a 1994 mustang that does 0-60 in 1.9 sec, faster then this. As far as after market goes, depends what year. They both have lots of options. But my Uncle's 93' Cobra out ran a 911 porsche (dont know what year) at a race track. The Cobra was keeping close behind it, and the porsche driver tried to get away but couldnt. He then pushed his little 911 to far and went into the sand. I love both cars though, American Muscle is the way to go. I new a guy who had a IROC and that was hella nice too. I would always ask the guy to rev the engine when my friends were around it, because it sounded so nice. They both have fast cars, and i hate it when you guys dont realize that because you always compare the slowest mustangs and camaro's. They both have very fast cars(SS and Cobra). You can nab at each other all you want, but im going to the Import section and talking shit to them, not each other.
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    you are either a lyer, or you souped your camaro up. because a stock 98 ss will not beat a vette z06, and the z06 hardly beats the mustang cobra, and in some cases the cobra wins. therefore the cobra is faster than a stock 98 ss, the only cobras you may be able to beat are ones from the early 90's, but beating cobras from the early 90's with a 98 ss is nothing to brag about.
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    i would like to PERSONALLY see a stock cobra vs. a stock zo6. My neighbor has a zo6 and has beaten practically every car on the road, including vipers, ferraris and lambos. So if you think your *cobra* could beat a zo6, think again. BTW i watch street races all the time and SS's kill the cobras EVERY time!
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    the z06 is a well handling car.Perfectly engineered and with well conceipted chassis.the best competitor for the z06 would be probably be the cobra r.

    back to the subject the zl1 was an awesome car. i really like this car. it is an awesome big blocked powered camaro.


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    Your neighbours z06 beats vipers, lambos and ferrari's. Something doesnt sound right her and its cuz ure lieing. This is not possible unless ure neighbour has performance parts in his vette z06. Some of u guys bash the mustang but there is the 94 mustang boss concept that does 0-60 way faster then this at 1.9s

    This is a damn nice car though. It comes down to what u prefer
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    then read motor trend, they did a head to head shoot out a while back, can't remember what issue, i have it somewhere in my room.
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    maybe he wastalking about the new lingenfelter z06 corvette 427 twin turbo 1100hp it does 0-60mph in 1.97mph and top speed is near 385km/ in this cas yes he can smoke ferrari and lambos.


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    All those are tight cars. But my uncle in idaho has a 69 camaro (not street legal so sorta pointless) that has well over 1000. He is a mechanic and has done a sh1tload of mods to it. He turned it on and it scared the crap outta me.
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    wow over 1000 ci!i wonder if it has a blower.
    in every case awesome.for your info my uncle of texas gave his charger to my other uncle of new york and my other uncle of new york gave him a chevelle ss


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    no not 1000 cc, no blower. It is around 1300 hp (hasnt been tested in a while) i dunno how many cc's it has actually but it is slick black and is really nice.
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    For all of you talking about Mustang vs. Camaro... I dont see a 04 camaro like some of you said and i dont see any future dedication for that car aswell... and if they are gonna bring it out looking like the GTO minus well give up. Well anyways the 04' Cobra or even a Saleen S240 can smoke a camaro. It should of been Mustang vs. Corvette. But anyways I have a 91 5.0 T top that is now modified to a 5.8 twin turbo running low 8s on 1/4 mile. And i see Imports but mostly Camaros reving their engine at me...I can barely hear em. And then when i smoke them they say i cheat... HOW THE @#$$ DO I CHEAT?? I even gime their a$$ a head start. Well im about to get a 04 Cobra and to make this even more interesting make a post called Lightning vs. Corvette cause nobody cares about a Camaro. Theres a reason they stoped making em.. Sh!t i would to if i had to make a car like that
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    are you serious? please stop talking that a lightning can compete with vette. this is a nonsense.One is a sportstruck the other is a sportscar they can't be comparedbecause of the weight, handling, acceleration and 1/4 mile times.The f bodies were great cars maybe are you jaleous of them even if you don't like them it is not a reason to bash them.


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    Agreed, I always see little #%$'s in there BMW's trying to race off the lights and so forth, and getting worked over day in and day out. #$%# BMW
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    Anybody ever heard of SLP? Does the word "Firehawk" ring any bells? I bet it has rung more than a few Cobra's bells...

    This one is my friend's. We like to go 'Stang hunting. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    What's bad is that Ford has to Supercharg its Mustang 4.6L V8 to keep up with the Chevy/Pontiac LS1 naturally aspirated.
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    i have a video on my comp that i downloaded off of kazaa with a saleen mustang getting stomped by a trans am
    search for trans am or saleen mustang
    you should be able to find it
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    Depends on which Saleen, depends on which Trans Am (and any other mods the cars may have).
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    Alrigth did u realy race them or did u just flyby and said u raced it and if u did race it and beat it good for u but how about trying to race a Cobra-R yeah a Cobra-R that Car will kill u and dont try 2 lie that cars will kick ur ass and the saleen 351 will also beat the crap out of u.
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    a cobra r will not kill that camaro just look at the differenece in the displacement and the hp.the mustang boss concept will be the only car to compete with this car.
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    one of the most childish and most stupid comment i have ever heard.
    First the boss 302 had a strong competitor called the camaro z28, second camaro won transam championships in 1968-69 with mark donohue.The stang won in 1970 if i remember correctly.Both are great cars.

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