Camaro vs. Mustang

Discussion in '2000 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Concept' started by ghosst, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Mustang has a 4.6L or whatnot or even a 5.0 HO and im so intrigued of how much power they put out on those.... now a Camaro have a 5.7L LS1 or whatever. Imagine if ford had a 5.7L how much power they would put out?? More than a Camaro. And they have the power to make that happen but they decide not to and i agree. Saleen's are 4.6 aspired and haul a$$ like nobody's business. I have both a Camaro and a Mustang. I love American Muscle cars. I dont know why people diss one another on that subject when we can pick on imports ..those ugly little 4 cyl . I love my 2001 Camaro SS and my 91 GT 5.0 and wouldnt trade em.

    "Horsepower sells cars, Torque wins races" -Shelby
    1966 327 Shelby Cobra....Ownage??
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    you know what you are really dumb cause there is no way in hell you camaro is out running cobra the 03 would blow your #$%#ing doors off and as for this dumb camaro look at he 10 liter boss that does 0-60 in 1.9 what do you have to say about that ***** and i have a 89 mustang that would beat the #$%# out of your ss in a race
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    you need to read your articles again cause the last time i saw it the ss was not as fast as the 03 cobra and that was the 35th anv. ss and as far as i know the cobras and ss were damn equal before the cobra blew the doors off the ss in 03
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    Yeah, apparently Ford figured out the joys of having a car so easily modifiable.....
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    apperantly, you dont like naturally aspirated engines!
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    You can only go so far with displacement in a car.........
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    2004 Mustang Cobra v.s. this beast? This car would literally kill the cobra. Cobras are nice but they cant hang with Chevy power. Ford underpowers their cars so bad that its not even funny. 770hp and runs the 1/4 in 9.55 @ 144.3 mph, Im all for this camaro.
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    Unlike this Camaro the Cobra came out in production and unlike the Camaro, Mustangs are still beign made. Chevy has a 5.7L Camaro while Ford has a 4.6L Cobra trowing 390 Horspower...Imagine what Ford can do with a 5.7L..ohh and soon where gonna be talking more about Mustangs vs Corvettes ... and since the new GT just came out with a 5.4L..Well that car is ahead of the Corvette so il stop there..<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    Anyone with Muscle Car wanna race a Enzo Ferrari? Didn't think so..
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    Dunno but in top speed or straight line as well as in 1/4th mile you can compete with a ferrari.I am wondering what are the 1/4th mile time of the ferrari enzo.
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    ya the cobra has 390 horsepower but the camaro ss only has 325 and it still smokes it like a skinny joint
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    actually Cobra has more HP!, but Camaro has higher gears...Plus I dont think the SS smokes the Cobra...Are u sure?
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    UMM the Cobra is supercharged, dont forget that! and Jegs sells the same ZL1 engine for 13k! and U can drop it in any Camaro and smoke Cobras, I mean I love Cobras, but u are dissing a naturally aspirated CAr that takes all! and Like I said the scary thing is they sell this motor, so everyone Beware!
  13. camaro vs. mustang

    What kind of #$%#ing pussy is your brother to be driving a #$%#ing station wagon to begin with, I dont care how many turbos it has on it. If you havent forgotten, the station wagons times are different from sedans you jackass, try 5 to 60. in perfect condition test facility that is, now his 98 ss, wont keep up to 60, no, but itll #$%# it in the ass towards 105 and up. and thats not comparing the same thing at all. put a brand new SS against it and you will be molested in every category, now for the great 62k price tag,...and the twin turbos... If you had an SS lets say you bought for 22k you still have the additional 40 thousand dollars to put in it, which could make it beat 1200lb gas dragsters, let alone your pussy-ass attempt to be a sports car station wagon. and If you put 2 turbos on, to compare the same you'd do alittle over 4 to 60. And if you say the thing beats a vette or a viper I'll have to slap your brother for lying to you, and slap you for believing him, because that is one of the most outrageously stupid remarks I've seen on here. Or heard anywhere for that matter... Take your head, remove it from your brother's anus, and proceed to shut the hell up and let everyone post about camaro's and mustang's, or whatever the hell else they want without you being a retard and pissing everybody off, k?
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    who are u talking to anyways?? CAMARO ZL1 RULES!!
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    piss on odin

    BMW kick all

    so does wrx sti

    F-body is gone they might bring it back in 40 years like they did to the GTO (Car and Driver)
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    Apperantly english isnt ure 1st language...DOnt bash American cars, they make The absolute best engines!.....Man I have learned a lot from my Diesel Rebuilding class, though not a Mopar fan, I actually have to admit Mopar, Cummins( Chrysler) make the best engines, I mean they are the best Diesel engines and they make the engines for NHRA Top Fuel , the fastest cars in the world(acceleration wise)
    0-320 in 4.5 seconds, 0-100 in 0.8 seconds 8000 HP!

  17. Two King American Muscles.
  18. I love V8s, my passion is pontiac trans am and his brother camaro, all of us know that mustang had nothing to do with a camaro or trans am. And I think that is so stupid believe that a civic or Toyota or cars like that are rivals of f bodies

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