Camaro? (yeah i know...)

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by SmilinGoat, Dec 23, 2004.

  1. yeah i know, ive been saying for years, well sense it left, that the camaro will NOT return, at least not anytime in the next decade or two... but i have a leaked industry report, which states release dates for future models for nearly every brand out there, its hard to make out some of the info, but camaro is clearly listed as a 2008 model...

    its an acrobat reader file, if you PM me, ill send you a copy. assholes need not reply.
  2. also, this really dosent have me knowing that its coming, and i still am more doughtful than hopeful, but i found it interesting, and it shows that they are working on the idea. on the zeta platform, which a lot of news sources have said it would be released on...
  3. Yeah, saw that a few weeks ago, looks like good news.
  4. yeah, i wasnt sure how many people had seen it, ive had it for about 3 weeks now, but ive faught temptation to post it, a lot of people were trying to put it on but we had to keep deleating it off the site, we cant have that over there, anyway, over here anything seems to go, so i decided to post it for the people that hadnt seen it, oddly this hasnt made as big of a splash as i originally thought... i dont know, i figured everyone would be going apeshit over it.... oh well...
  5. im also wondering about the Hummer HX.
  6. I expect the maro to come out sooner than a decade...
  7. wow thats pretty sweet. It also shows the GP being a Zeta car...RWD finally!
  8. You seriously have to be retarded to think that the Camaro would never return. How #$%#ing logical is it that it will? Very.
  9. seeings how it couldnt sell nearly close to how many cars they wanted and looking at how bad the GTO is doing, i wouldnt be suprised at all if they didnt bring the camaro back, well not until they can make this big deal out of its 50th birthday or somthing.....
  10. I never said its coming out any minute. But I got no doubt the Camaro will be back.
  11. Same here.
  13. you spelled young wrong, shitface
  14. Camaro better look nice. S197 for now.
  15. Maybe he's Chinese.
  16. On the same platform as the Impala Grand Prix and GTO?
  17. yeah, GM's new RWD Mid-Class platform.
  18. Any word on a return of the Birdy along with it? Or has the GTO pretty well taken its place?

    It seems like I heard about all this with the zeta quite awile back, but when I heard about it there weren't any talks of a Camaro return, but instead making the Monte Carlo RWD (see the Grand Prix). I would much rather see a new maro than a RWD monte though.
  19. wow.. on the zeta.. I thought it was gonna be made on a modified Kappa platform.
  20. Or maybe the Camaro will be FWD. *Evil Laughter*
  21. is the hummer hx a h3
  22. this is just as reliable as the website image that said the Z06 was gonna be a 6.4L.
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  25. They could make it a little longer for the back seat. Before you said that I was thinking the same thing, but if they made that concept about 6in longer it would probably look better anyways.

    And on the copying part..........thats a tuff one, but if it turned out to be a bad ass car, Who Cares? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>


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