Camaro ZL1 Nurburgring lap video

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    Just yesterday, Chevrolet claimed that its not-yet-released Camaro ZL1 had posted a brisk lap time of 7:41 at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Now, the automaker is backing up the statement with a video of the uber-Camaro’s ‘ring run.

    Chevrolet said that the ZL1 used was a “production-intent model” with no performance modifications beyond the standard 580 horsepower, supercharged 6.2-liter V8, Brembo brakes and magnetorheological suspension. Behind the wheel was hotshoe Camaro Performance Engineer Aaron Link, who was able to hustle the ZL1 around the green hell nearly 40 seconds faster than a Camaro SS model.

    “The ZL1′s full capability is evident at the Nurburgring,” said Link. “One of the best moments is coming through ‘Fuchsröhre’, or Foxhole. The ZL1 accelerates at an unbelievable rate down through the tunnel of trees, and into a sweeping left-hand corner flat out in fifth gear. You have to have an extremely well-mannered, confidence-inspiring car to take any corner at 160 mph without lifting off the throttle – and the ZL1 was just brilliant.”
  2. What a bunch of pillocks, mate
  3. tl;dw + idc
  4. im almost positive they sped it up
  5. surprised about the time, still with 580 I could do better with a PS3 controller.
  6. Prove it crippyboy
  7. In all seriousness though, I'm surprised it didn't understeer off into the fence
  8. Imagine if it didn't weigh 4200lbs
  9. HaHa what a POScar its so slow they had to call it brisk not fast like the corvette or the Viper, lol, what a fat tub of redneck shit haha :D
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  11. steering wheel and gauge pods made me vomit all over my keyboard.
  12. Not bad for a muscle car.

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