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  1. "For a lot of reasons. one everytime they make a mustang they make them with low power"

    -Apparently 300Hp about of a GT isnt alot?

    "The new 2007 Shellby Gt that they are comming out with blows. Its over 100,000.00 for it"

    -It costs around the same as a base C6.

    "Ford can't do anything right."

    -Apparently their doing something right with their Mustang!

  2. 1) A 300HP Mustang for under $25K is hardly "low power".

    2) The 2007 GT500 will have 500HP and cost $40-45K, not $100K

    3) Ford HAS done something right...the Mustang is still here and selling like hotcakes.

    4) Ford DID use the 5.0 in the 80's.

    5) You are a moron, quit posting.

    6) I'm a huge Camaro fan. I'm currently saving up and will be buying a new one when they come out (just to show you that I'm not a Mustang fanboy).
  3. Ford made the GT, remember? & that could easily romp all over the ZO6. Dumbshit.
  4. eh, in all the tests I've seen comparing the two the Z06 has won everytime. Not saying its not a good car, but the Z06 won in 1/4 mile and handling, only thing I saw was the GT has a higher top speed.
  5. You haven't seen too many tests then...
  6. if you honestly think they were a 5.0 then your an idiot. go ahead and measure it if you would like and you will see that I am right. Also go ahead and talk to someone who use to make the fords when they called themselves a 5.0. Ford may have made a GT but that doesn't mean shit. The ford GT500 that they came out with Has 4 superchargers on it. Thats the only reason why it is pushing as much power as it does. Let me go get the new Zo6 and put one supercharger on it and i will blow the Ford GT500 away. Plus I will be able to still go buy another car with them money i will save by getting one supercharger and a Zo6. If you knew anything about cars at all you would already know this.
  7. Up until 94 they still had 302s er 5.0s in the GT Mustangs. Tuned horribly yes (about 220hp in 94), but that's besides the point.

    The Shelby GT500 has one supercharger on it...and has a 5.4L engine. The Z06 (C6) has a 7.0L engine. Are you arguing that a bigger engine always trumps a lower displacement, but forced induction motor? Each has their own qualities. GM is looking to supercharge their new "Blue Devil" to 650HP (and either use a smaller 6.2L engine, or stick with the 7.0L LS7 - haven't heard confirmation yet). Does that mean it sucks too?

    Saying that you're adding a supercharger means nothing - it can be low or high output - again each with their own qualities. You could take a 2L I4 engine and turbo the hell out of it and destroy a C6 Z06 with a all depends on what you want, and how streetable and reliable you're willing to make it.

    Plus - the Mustang is more of a muscle car, whereas the Corvette is more of a sports car. Obviously one will be better as compared to the other given a specific course or type of race you'd want to compare them in.
  8. Timmayforchevy can't be for real. *shakes head*
  9. I'm beginning to think that you are really an older member of this site and have created a new account just to see how stupid you can be. If not then I feel sorry for you for being such a retard. The 302 (5.0) was the primary V8 used in Mustangs in the 80's. Now YOU can go ahead and measure it and talk to a Ford guy and you will see what a total moron you are. Being in search of humor like I am, could you tell us what engine YOU think was in the Mustang in the 80's? That would give us a nice laugh to take into the weekend.

    ROFL @ "GT500 that they came out with Has 4 superchargers on it"

    And for the LAST TIME, the GT500 is NOT more expensive than the Z06.
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    Haha. Please dont ban this guy. He is too funny to be real.

    Here is some educational for you:

    The GT500 has one of these.
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  12. vader maybe you are not understanding what GT we are talking about here. We are talking about the Ford GT500 not the Shelby. Look on the website for ford and see. Ford GT MSRP - $153,345! So before you open your mouth take a look. I call it the GT500 because that is it's original name. Everyone else here knows what I am talking about. Also If you want to think because Ford said it was then go ahead. It is a 4.6 and it never was a 5.0. IF you can give me something concrete to prove me wrong then I will admit that I was wrong.

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    LOL!!!! The Ford GT's original name was GT40 not GT500 dumbass. And IT TOO only has one supercharger. The 4.6L is in the Mustang now and has been since 1995. It is a modular DOHC motor. Before that is was the 5.0, which is a pushrod motor. Look it up here:

    After you do your research you can come back here and admit your retardation.

    ROFL @ "Everyone else here knows what I am talking about."
  14. If you think so vadar. Ford never came out and openly stated that it was a 4.6 thats why no matter where you look you will see it say 5.0 do the measurment and look at it. see what it comes out to be. did you build this motor? I dont think so. So was I right about the Proce Vader? I think I was you #%[email protected]
  15. Holy shit...
    4 superchargers? Post pics!
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    Just incase you are a real memeber:
  17. Whether or not Ford said it was a 5.0 or not is irrelavant. Its displacement has been measured at 302 cubic inches, which converts to 4942 cubic centimeters which is 4.942L which was rounded to and even 5.0L. And it was pushrod. The modular OHC 4.6 used now has nothing in common with the 5.0 other than the amount of pistons.

    And no you were not right about the price. GT500 is CLEARLY a Mustang and priced around $42K. The GT AND GT40 are CLEARLY NOT Mustangs.
  18. Besides, I've never seen a car with 4 superchargers. 4 turbochargers, yes, but never 4 superchargers.
  19. you suck
  20. FORD IS GOING BROKE!! I just saw on TV they are going to rather sell assets or they are going to do what Chrysler did and go over sees to sell cars! Obviously Ford messed up some where.
  21. Oh yes...and GM is the epitome of good business practises. Sheesh.
  22. Well I dont see Chevy needing money to where they are going to try something like that.
  23. GM is in just as bad of financial shape as Ford, if not worse. GM already sold their controlling stake in Suzuki and sold off their in-house parts supplier, Delphi. They have closed plants and laid off or bought out thousands of workers just like Ford has.
  24. AND they sold their stake in Fuji Heavy (Subaru) to Toyota.

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