Camera nerds, I need your help

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  1. It probably is, Digi-something 100 or 1000, silver body and battery flap barely closes anymore. No matter what resolution you shoot at, all pictures are badly pixelated and fuzzy. My parents old Olympus 4MP from 2002 shot better pictures than this POS.
  2. That's weird because I've gotten at least some satisfying shots with pretty much every camera I've ever used, and my friend gets a lot of good ones with his LX3.
  3. my friend had a similar HP. it was beyond bad.
  4. Ive taken less than 50 actual photos, so the camera still has time to convince me. And I do carry it with me.

    The thing is I have now seen deals for example Canon S90 for 299e, which to me would seem a better buy. I wanted 24mm wide which ruled out many models.

    Only real alternatives were from Fujifilm, mainly the latest EXR models.

  5. What kind of photography do you want to do? Just snapshots kind of thing or do you want manual controls and get all fancy and stuff?
  6. ferrarista should be here

    omglol kodak! all you need is one huge button
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    Regarding the instax, is it like a polaroid? I have had an idea to buy cheapest sd cards, any size would do for digital give away photos, that is if per-card-price would be less than 1 euro/dollar.

    Same 1 dollar per photo, the ultimate gift idea...

    edit... Right, this new Polaroid is a rebranded Fujifilm Instax <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  8. oh yeah the kodakist. i wonder what happened to that guy.
  9. hes right
    all you need is one big button
    one big grey button
  10. The Sony H20. It's a year old but it's still great. It uses a Carl Zeiss lens. Not a crappy Sony lens. If you cant find one go for the Panasonic ZS3 then. Almost the same. It's a bit slower and a little more costly but still worth it.
  11. I use a Yashica T4 Super. Amazing little camera.
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    Ya, basically.
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  16. screw all that nonsense.

    Phase One P65 digital back.
  17. wasn't enough camera gear talk in the camera thread for you ?

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