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  1. Is four thirds still considered smelly dog farts in the camera world? I thought it was a pretty good thing when it started coming out but camera people seemed down on it. Im looking at a few pocketable mirrorless aps-c cameras and it seems like the four thirds isn't really giving up much to them.

    Looking to get a lumix gf6 cause they can be had for pretty cheap and are reasonable quality from what im seeing, and a friend of mine got an olymus pen a while back that he hardly uses and is going to practically give me a nice pancake-ish 14-42 lens.
  2. Buy whichever is cheaper and spend the rest on glass
  3. If you're after portability, great image quality and did't mind a fixed focal length, the Ricoh GR kicks ass.

    Other than that, ann non-tiny sensors are good enough for most applications these days, unless you want crystal clear ISO 6400 or want to print billboard sized.
  4. The absolute best bang for your buck mirrorless camera right now is EPM2, if you don't mind it being a little light on features.

    Same sensor as the wonderful E-M5, which is a beastly camera. For $200 I bought my gf the EPM2 with lens and flash.
  5. Actual four thirds is pretty much dead, micro four thirds is cool and versatile. Well worth investing in.
  6. Hmmm, I think I agree with you. The only thing it doesn't have that I might want is a pop-up flash, but it does have a hotshoe... roughly the same dimensions, 20% lighter, same sensor and mount. MUCH cheaper, to boot.

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