Camera Thread IV

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Baklava, May 3, 2011.

  1. good for a while but you'll get over it eventually
  2. environmental portraits always make me weak at the knees
  3. especially with rainbows?
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    That's awesome how he managed to capture just how thin the veneer of normality is in North Korea, even while shooting nothing but what the regime wanted him to see.

    The woman with the excavator is my favourite, as it's obvious that it's a display model, and probably the only one in the country.
  6. pretty cool N. Korea photos. Also what's pretty cool is that N. Koreans don't looks quite as "chinky" as other asians. I find some of the girls decent looking in those photos, while S. Koreans and Chinese im like "ew gross"
  7. thats freaking awesome.
  8. Just sold my 50mm f1.4 and 28-105mm. ;_;
  9. commie
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  11. what do you mean?
  12. the quality is so good that it doesn't look like it was made in the 40's. usually pics from that era are pretty shit quality.
  13. no way man, look at the pixels!
  14. i always just figured it was the developing-the-prints-stage things fell apart a bit.
  15. lol they were probably shot on medium format ~50 ISO film (or maybe 35mm I dunno) but still, shots on those films are always gonna look better than crop body photos.

    Check out the quality of Ansel Adams photos, his prints from like the 30s and 40s still can't be touched even today.

    Picture quality has not improved through out the years (save the fact that lenses have nicer coatings now I guess), the only thing that digital really provides is improved convenience.
  16. cool dahldrin. I dig the third one
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    My personal favorite of the roll, too, I think. That's Akron/Family, btw.

    A band with a verse I took inspiration for for my giant Chicago mural in my living room.

  18. 1. Dairy owner. Thanks for having a nice cold fridge with Red Bull in it.
    2. FedEx. Thanks for getting packages from Georgia to NZ in 2 days.
  19. what kind of lens?
  20. 105mm 2.4
    It's about a 53mm equiv and the dof is equivalent to around 1.2 on a 50mm on 35mm camera.

    10 shots to a roll is good and bad. Expensive but so easy to finish a roll. I'll probably shoot 4 rolls this weekend, which is insane.
  21. This is a still from a video of the strobes on the Eiffel Tower. What causes the black streaks and white dots?

    Camera has CCD chip if that matters

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