Camera Thread IV

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Baklava, May 3, 2011.

  1. planning on finishing my 2nd roll of ektar tomorrow. should be fun.
  2. hes kinda cute
  3. shitweather, bunch of #$%#s up there.
  4. uh
  5. good weather where you are?
  6. yep, sunny, nothing wrong with
  7. ive only ever shot 2 rolls of ektar and id didnt gel with me for some reason
    blacks seemed to fall off too fast
    maybe its because it fell in a strange middle ground between portras dynamic range and velvias pretty massive contrast
    maybe i'll get another roll of it sometime and see how i like it in a 6x7
  8. i think it's a love it or hate it kind of film. same with velvia and portra.

    i personally love the colours it produces. you get sharp blues and sharp reds.
  9. ok pretty satisfied with this set up now even though its a noticeably tighter prime than im used to
  10. even with 400 speed film im having to be a little careful of shutter speeds with winter light
    might push the next roll to 1600, though this is really going to be a colour camera once ive used all my hp5
  11. the bigger problem for me shooting 67 handheld is running out of DOF, unless you're into really fast film. Even on 645 I notice it.
  12. This can be the video camera thread too, right?

    Pretty sure I'm gonna buy one in the next couple days. Looking at the Panasonic TM900. It shoots 1080/60p that looks pretty damned amazing.

    Might have to upgrade my computer too to edit it though, ugh.
  13. Get a canon 518XL
  14. I never found it a problem on 645. I could shoot that handheld down to 1/15th easily. This 67's a bit hit and miss down that low. Not as bad as people say with the mirror slap making it unuseable below 1/125th, but the viewfinder's so dim it's not a low light camera really anyway.
  15. goddam, even i wouldn't have been that harsh

    oooo weee
  16. naw , there cool

  18. Talking to yourself?
  19. I live in the reflection picture

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