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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Baklava, May 3, 2011.

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  3. I'm gonna have to set up some sort of custom profile on my scanner or something. Such a pain in the ass having to adjust every preview because it likes to blow the highlights like crazy before scanning.
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    I call bullshit on it.

    The images appear to be nothing more than several different layers at different focus lengths. There are only about 2-4 different "distances" at which you can click to have any affect on the focus.

    Look at the one of the model against the NYC skyline. The bushes and the distant skyline are apparently at exactly the same focus distance (even if they are both close to infinity, there should be a small change, even in the bokeh of how the model is rendered).

    What I reckon the camera might do is take a short movie where the camera racks through its focus range, and then it creates several layers put together using his "special algorithms" (which are just creating masks), and associating each layer with a corresponding focus distance which can be obtained from what position the lens was at that frame. There's probably a reference frame shot at hyperfocal distance which is used to figure out which bits have moved in the fraction of a second it took for the camera to rack focus (it would also explain why the images have about the same sharpness as a microwaved Holga.

    The camera is probably using a movie mode type thing, which allows it to capture a fair number of frames in a short space of time. Of course, that's why the images were shot in full sunlight with a reflector adding fill (couldn't use strobes), and there's no low light shots (which is strange because the creator was complaining that he couldn't get an in-focus shot of a toddler, which would've been presumably low light, because it's pretty straightforward in sunlight). The camera probably only works in such strong lighting conditions because the shutter speed can be 1/500 or something, allowing for a quicker burst of frames...firing 10 shots off at 1/40 would take a quarter of a second assuming there's no delay between frames.

    But then again, I could be wrong.
  5. so dumb, just kept focusing on that thinspo model
  6. You guys in Europe need to get out and explore a little. Anyone can take pictures of birds or fences and think its artistic. You have thousands of years of history that us here in North America don't have. Go. I command thee.
  8. This thread needs more black and whites.
  9. Anyone can take pictures of a guy kneeling on a railway and think it's artistic.
  10. I take lots of pictures of the history that you guys do not have, but that doesn't mean you'll see them
  11. I have bought a 85 1.4 today and I still don't know why. Does it take good pictures ?
  12. so I want to get a used DSLR - never had one before. Canon 350D/400D?
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    AF-S or AF-D? They call it the cream machine for a reason...

    Still, one needs to have skill to extract the best from either, you have that covered though.

    Regarding used cameras, I miss my D80, which can now be classified as used, I gave it to a friend so he could have a look how SLRs work. Im almost hoping he would just buy a new kit and I would get my trusty back. In particular I miss the no worry attitude it had with 50/1.8.
    Of course my D7k will be in the same situation in a couple years. Its a shame the Nikon miniSLR will apparently be equipped with too small sensor. I along with most users stuck with marque would have paid the extra for FX quality.

    edit. Browsing through wedding phots and quides, I have this friends sisters wedding to photograph on Saturday. Visited the church today, it is so dark inside <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
    Times when you wish you had learned and practised to use flashes...
  14. It is a new one ! I had to make expense for work so ...

    I replaced the D300s + 17-55 with 16-35 F4 + 50 1.4 too

    The only thing I need now is a 500 and a D3s

    Can't wait for this week end at spa !

  15. Just tried the thing around the house and focusing at 1.4 is quite a challenge !

    In fact the image has no sharpness at that point wich is goood

    I am so sick of oversharpned pictures right now.
  16. walperstyles album

    *shot of 1980s carpet in living room*
    *shot of a television set*
    *shot of tenant stealing a lawn mower*
  17. lol photographie isn't art anyway
  18. ya, its a craft
  19. that's because you haven't seen my Hipsmatic prints yet!
  20. shot of dinosaur

    1/4 of prints he has ever posted despite saying he got paid to take photos,,,,
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  22. Get the Hexar man! IIRC they can focus without light (IR focus assist). The lens is great, and the shutter is incredibly silent.
  23. An old shot from February. I have a shitload of film to develop and scan. Over 20 rolls from the last 2 or 3 months. I think I might get a digital body for my Leica glass and start shooting only B&W on film. Color processing is getting expensive. I'll still use color film for more 'serious' shoots though.
  24. I still want one badly. Just can't justify it at the moment. One day I'll take my FM2n into town which will focus better than the mju by a mile.

    Pretty busy still getting used to the 67, and now selling this…
  25. what is that? a laser gun?

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