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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by burner, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. hi I did not receive password in e-mail and now I don't know what my password is, so that means that if I log out I can never log in again! Help please, this is estúpidoo rsrs
  2. Oh and I'm sorry I enter my problems here kk, is because I can't create new in the Bugs place!

    Help a nice boy, people! rs
  3. ok never mind, I will make new profile
  4. in hotmail I receive password! I'm very happy now kkk
    please delete the 3 above here
  5. no leave them
    so we always remember
  6. oh mods
    I can not start topic too rs
    sorry I'm here again!
  7. You can only start threads after a certain amount of posts...
  8. Yes thank you very much
    I understand your message in other topic
    I will wait! rsr
  9. Shitrless pic kgo
  10. bring back burner
  11. you know what i like about burner?

    the fact that he knows every single thing.
  12. a true rolemodel
  13. lol'd
  14. except his own password
  15. i like the fact he riled up all the engineers

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