Can admin help an old member

Discussion in 'Suggestions and Bugs' started by V8stangman, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. The username called phanofmuzik2 cannot log in into this "new" SC. net format.

    Can you reset his password and I'll pass it along to him please.

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  2. User v8stangman cannot access his account. Can you reset his password please and I'll pass it on to him?

  3. What the hell man!!??!!

  4. Who is this "admin" you keep mentioning?
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  5. Someone who's suppose to be in charge of this website???
  6. I used to have the guy on facebook messenger, but I think he's sold the site since then.

    Phanno's just gonna have to make a new account for his big ol ghetto booty.
  7. man, dat ass
  8. Hah, to whom?

    Selling dried squirrel parts in rural Slovakia would be more profitable than maintaining this site.
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  9. That's just beef jerky, and it sells like crazy here.

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