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  1. Create a square circle? I was thinking about it, so I figured I'd come straight to the source.

    The answer appears to be no.
  2. You're fooled, and limited to human logic.
  3. Fooled? By whom?

    And saying I'm limited to human logic seems obvious at best.
  4. Yes He can. And my favorite thing to think about is how radical it would be if He just suddenly gave us a fourth primary color.
  5. How? And can he send my a square circle, as well as a circular square?
  6. What do you mean how? He's God. He can do absolutely anything He wants to.
  7. He can do things that are completely contradictory?
  8. Yes.
  9. I used to think that God can do anything. A little while ago the minister at my church made a similar statement that many people ask. "Can God make a rock he can't lift?".
    The answer ends up like this: either way, God ends up not being able to do something. The question is rarely a constructive one, more often it is a feeble attempt to prove that God isn't all-powerful and thus Christianity is a load.
    God can't do everything. But he is all-powerful. For example, God can't lie, he can't cheat, he can't steal. Basically God can't sin. The things that are sinful are the things that God can't do as sin (rebellion against God), by its very nature, cannot co-exist with Him. God hates and abhorrs sin, but he loves his creation (humans). This is the awesome nature of God. How does he be just and have the consequnce of sin paid for and yet how does he save his children? By Jesus paying the price for our sin! This is the most incredible display of love ever known. The price for sin is paid - by God's own Son - and we still get to enjoy a relationship with him because Jesus has paid for our sin.
    Can God make a square circle? No. Simply because it can't be done, you either have a square sqare or a round circle. You can't have a square circle. If it is a square then it cannot be a circle and vice versa.
    I think the more important question is why are you asking if God can do this?
  10. Because I was curious as to what others, espescially Mclaren, thought about it. Isn't that why questions are usually asked?

    Your post, though, brought up another (and this time more serious) question that I've always had. If God is in fact all powerful, why was the sacrifice of Jesus necessary? He could simply have attoned for mankind's sins without any physical gesture, because such a thing seems unnecessary, at least to me.
  11. He can easily contradict what we see as laws of nature because He's the one that made it all in the first place. But it's impossible for Him to contradict His own character (ie, it's impossible for Him to be unjust).
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    For whatever reason God chose to have the shedding of blood be the payment for sin. That's why the Jews in the Old Testament were required to sacrifice spotless, perfect lambs for their sins. So one of the roles that Jesus fulfilled was being the once-and-for-all perfect sacrifice. That's why you might have actually heard people refer to Him as the Lamb of God.
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    Cool, thanks.
  14. if it was a 'square-circle' then it would turn out to be neither a square nor a circle? Maybe he can, maybe he cant, but thats only because a square-circle doesnt even make sense... but then of course natural laws dont apply to him, thats why he is 'supernatural'

    God has been around forever, never was born, he was just always there, and i dont think any human can comprehend that, i certainly cant, so maybe he can make a 'square-circle'
  15. That a circle must be circular isn't a natural law. It's a logical necessity.

    Also, if you can't comprehend something, why would you believe in it?
  16. Shut the #$%# up.
  17. I bet he can also can make a triangle with a sum of degrees >180degrees.
  18. Can God microwave a burrito soo hot, that even he couldn't eat it?
  19. It's hard to do anything when you don't exist.
  21. Actually, that's not as impossible as you may think. That the sum of the interior angles of a triangle sum to 180 degrees is only true for Euclidean (flat) space. Most people don't move beyond Euclidean space in their learning however, since it's good enough for most layman applications.

    Lets make an example, shall we? Instead of this triangle existing on plane, a flat sheet, let it exist on a sphere. For visualization's sake, lets make it the Earth. Lets start at the north pole, and travel south until the equator. From there we make a right angle, and travel along the equator east or west 90 degrees of longitude. Again, we make a right angle towards the north, and return to the north pole. What we've just traced is a triangle with three sides of equal length, with three angles of equal magnitude - equilateral - however each of those angles is 90 degrees, for a total of 270 between the interior degrees.
  22. Also, since the terms 'square' and 'circle' are human constructions we've invented ourselves to describe the world, a God would not necessarily have to make anything new to make a square circle. He could just change our definitions and get away with it.

    (and the lack of editing on personal forums blows. my typos above suck nuts)
  23. Who ever could have guessed that Vanilla Ice would be so intelligent? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  24. Your minister asked that question? What kind of shithouse joke of a place is that.
  25. ^ Above reply was for My911Turbo's post

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