Can I get it on automatic?

Discussion in '2001 BMW M5' started by Black Devil, Nov 27, 2002.

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    Waiting to die eh? Tell that to an E55 AMG owner when you catch up at the next stoplight.
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    I don't wonder if some people on here are stupid, I know you are.
    The US is BMWs biggest market in the world not Europe
    The fact remains that if BMW did offer Autos on all there cars they'd get a lot more sales in the US and even Europe.
    Autos are far more popular among motorists because 0.1% of BMW owners would be lucky to even use the full capacity of there motors in everyday driving yet alone on a race track.
    By the way I am not an American, I am not even in the northern hemisphere.

    Try using facts to back up your arguments, as your normative opinions don't really count on a Supercar forum.
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    why would you want an "M5" in a auto, why not the 5series form BMW. the "M" badge is there to show others that it's a performing sports car.
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    no this car is not for a $ussy

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