Can it Compete?

Discussion in '1998 Nissan R390 GT1' started by PsychezCol, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Maybe in Le Manns but the road supercar? Guaranteed, its a fast little ***** but for the price i recon i'd choose a zonda or mclaren f1.....Lets face it 3.9 to 60 outa 550BHP is unrespectable at this level. The elise GT1 with its measly 350bhp ud kick its ass.

    This beast probably out performs everythin on handlin though so whos talkin.......
  2. Re: Can it Compete?

    nissan should have done more work on this car before they brought it to le mans
  3. it would still beat a Jaguar xj220 (the v6 supercar) though, even with same hp

    top speed:
    nissan r390 - 220 mph
    jaguar xj220 - 213 mph

    nissan r390 - 3.3s
    jaguar xj220 - 3.8s

    1/4 mile:
    nissan r390 - 11.1s
    jaguar xj220 - 11.8s

    nissan r390 - 2400 lbs
    jaguar xj220 - 3100 lbs

    nissan r390 - 550 hp / 3.5L turbo v8
    jaguar xj220 - 540 hp / 3.5L turbo v6

    ADVANTAGE: Nissan R390 GT1
    not bad for a japanese car huh. although the mclaren f1s, bugattis and other more modern supercars would prob beat both.

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