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    suck on what we cannot say in public.
  2. can we all take a minute to reflect on much of a #$%#ing idiot this "trans am" guy is?
    if you're reading, you #$%#in redneck, read this - NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR SHIT! NONE OF IT! your car has fundamentally not changed since the 60s. i don't care how "big" the engine is, it's a piece of plastic and iron shit! there's life beyond going straight down roadkill ave. and burning rubber. get a high school diploma, you redneck.
    there's a reason it's only 27,000 dollars. it was designed by committee solely to appeal to idiot rednecks like you. there's also a reason why it's being discontinued.
    i'm glad your taste sucks enough to like it, but keep your naive comments to yourself. the nsx is underpowered, but i'd take it over your hick-mobile any damn day. get out of your little muscle-car timewarp, your car might have been cool 40 years ago.
    i could go on for pages, but i'm sure i'm offending some that i don't mean to be, so i'll shut up. after all, i wouldn't want to try to press my backwards opinions on other people. you should be ashamed.
    ps - i'm sorry your dick is so small. hopefully another liter will make up for it.
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    Preach it!

    A TransAm/Camero/Mustang could cost $5000 brand new with 400hp, it could run a 9 second quarter mile stock, it could do better lap times than a Porsche and it would still just be plain ugly and poor quality. And to top it all off, the very day the new model TransAm/Camero/Mustang comes out, you may as well go to the store and pick up a mullet wig, because you just became the biggest piece of trash on your block. Your neighbors make fun of you behind your back, women laugh at you, really you are a sad embarrasment. Buy a Japanese or German car and 10 years from now you'll still be the envy of all.

    Take my word for it, I've driven a 1998 Trans Am and a 2001 Mustang GT and I now drive a 2001 Honda Prelude. Of course the Trans Am and Mustang could kill my Prelude in a race, but I'd take the Prelude any day. I love cars and hence I want to "DRIVE" a car, not "CAPTAIN" a ship. I want a car that looks good inside and out, not sounds loud.

    Another thing that people always forget in this Japanese/American arguement is that driving a unique car is desirable. Every piece of trash in the U.S. has a crappy muscle car. You can't even get a mile from your house without seeing 2 or 3 dozen other trash american muscle cars go by. Why not buy a car that's a little less common? Well, I guess common people like a common car.
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    Z3, you are a god and just summarized all my feelings into one succint paragraph. i am from Tennessee and see WAY too many of these rednecks around here driving their dualed out Rams and Mustangs and Z28s. so, thank you.
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    I'm sick of all these rednecks out there who have failed to see the greatness of light weight Japanesse(and British) sports cars. I just laugh when I go to my local 1/4mi drag strip and see "big blocks" runing the same times as 4 and 6 banners. Hell, the 79 cubic inch(!) rotary engine is producing times in the 9,8, and even 7sec. range. Pony cars are dead there legacy ended in the 70's.
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    Someone in the other thread mentioned that it's a good thing Americans are not given the Nissan Skyline. Thanks God for that. Skyline's probably the best performing car in the world... perfect example of balance right there.

    Oh, and those people who've said "I'll race you in my viper" or something like that are complete idiots. Yeah your car looks nice, but it won't make it to the grocery store without running out of gas... which reminds me, what's the deal with American cars and big engines anyway? It seems to me that marques like MB, BMW, and almost all Japanese automakers put efficiency on the top of the list. VW has come up with a car that can go 55 mpg!! (forgot the name, but still)
    and Japanese hybrids can reach that benchmark too. BMW's new 7 series, while big, is incredibly fuel efficient too.

    Now look at the American side of things. Vipers - 8.0L monsters yet it only produces 450 hp... for God's sake a TANK has better fuel economy than a Viper! They're aptly named Vipers cuz they poison the environment!

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    i live in the US, wish i had a skyline =(. The day i found out about the skyline, i was in love with it. The new design is a big fugly though. Skyline is one of my fav cars. Along with the S13 Silvia, and the greatest drift car ever, the AE86 Treuno *drools*. Most of my fav cars are japaneese. I appreciate their efficency/power balance. Great cars IMO
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    Hmm the Nsx is a nice car probably built for performance on the road and on GAS! i agree the trans am is a piece of shit you would be better off buying shares in imperial oil. However i dont think that all the statements previously mentioned in the past few forums is correct. Does anyone remember the Shelby Daytona Turbo Z ?
    Well iv was a v4 with about 225hp it was not only fast (0-60 in 5)
    It got almost 37 mpg it cornered like it was on rails and really with a bit of work it could beat the shit out of any non 500,000$$ car
    it has the most horse power& tourque per cylender than any 6 cylender japaneese car including the nsx,Supra and civic etc.
    The car was not for muscle it was for handleing and drivability it just happened to be really #$%#ing fast.

    ps if anyone is wondering the daytona was a 2.2l mopar
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    I guess I'm not alone when it comes to my thoughts about transam man.
    It's official, you suck!
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    Well it seems I voices my opinion a little to late I think I said this in one of my previous postings but Uhhhhhhh if he didn't drop the compression (This is IF

    PS T/As are the worst car to use this type of story on and although I hate to say it because I get very pissed off when people say it about me is that you are probably some spin off of fast and the furious, trying to lie to kick it, you may or may not have this car but for some reason I think that a McLaren F1 going 0-60 in 2.? seconds is a little out of your legue thank you for shutting up!<!-- Signature -->

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