can you fit a v8 in one?

Discussion in '1981 Joest 935/78 ‘Moby Dick’' started by FireChicken, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. like a pontiac v8? like a 455? omg that would be fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    you can fit any GM small block in a Fiero, which includes pontiac small blocks, but not the 455 or any other big block. It might be possible with extensive custom fabricating, but it would be extremely tight, and the stock tranny wouldn't hold that much power or torque (it can hold around 400hp, 450ft-lbs)
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    Only small block 350's.
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    you can fit in a northstar v8, a 3800, or a 3800s(supercharged). they say it does 0-60 in 4.3 seconds. the only problem is getting your hands on one.
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    you can jam a small block in, then thay fly
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    Yes its possible to fit a 455 Pontiac into a Fiero, because Pontiac never changed the block from the 287 block back in 1955 to the 455 they just made the bore bigger. I'm sure a Fiero would break in half with the Torque a Pontiac motor puts out though.
  7. you can sit a 454 from world casting in there.. and small block will fit.. and pretty well, too.. you wont loose your trunk, ac, power steering, or cruise control.
  8. your fiero had power stearing?

    how did you manage that, there were maybe a handfull that had an electric power stearing set up installed.

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