Canada Oil Sands Worth $1.4 Trillion

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  1. yeah i hope the americans dont invade us for the oil :p
  2. Bush will suck up to Canada soon.
  3. At this clip a generation from now Albertans will be indolent pseudo-Arabs with no jobs and nothing better to do than to blow themselves up in support of Triple-E Senate reform or some nonsense...
  4. Not just Alberta, BC struck wet oil up in Ft. St John and northways, and maybe will start offshore drilling by the charlottes. They even advertised jobs as roughnecks up in northern BC in the paper the other day. But the main battle is between China and the US for alberta oil sands. Obviously we know whos going to win that bid..
  5. China already won. A chinese businessman owns a huge amount of the companies working on the oil sands.
  6. Yes they sure did, my mom told me a while ago, I kinda laughed, oil hungry US gets the shaft. Not that china doesnt need it, industry is massive over there, so why not?
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  8. Didn't they find a deposit under some Federal Land in Colorado or something that totally dominated what the middle east has a few months back?

    Thats a long sentence.
  9. Oil shale.

    I wouldn't think it's economical or they'd exploit it.

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