Canada should give the #$%# up...

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  1. On sport.


    The infrastructure here sucks. The funding sucks. In our effort to prioritize funding/success for the winter olympics (the one no one watches/cares about) our summer olympic (the one that Canadians pretend to care about but then when we do shit say, "oh well we're a winter country anyway") chances get completely #$%#ed. And here is the thing. Unless we get some marquee performances like Cindy Klassen again, our medal count won't be much higher. In fact, it's probably best to not even get started on the Olympics in general, and Canada's attitude toward them in particular.

    Soccer. Despite a growing grass rootes we're utterly pathetic. Anyone who is anyone in Canadian soccer plays for a national team other than Canada.

    Football. CFL? Honestly? #$%# it. I'd rather watch golf.

    Baseball. Remember when the Blue Jays didn't suck? I think it was back when I was like 7.

    Basketball. Nash is Canadian... but then again, so are the Raptors.

    Hockey. Ok this we're not bad at this, but again... no one else in the world cares (except maybe a few parts of the USA and the Swedes and Czechs).

    LaX: No one cares.

  2. canada sucks dick because they don't really play gr8 commonwealth sports like cricket, union, league, field hockey (lol shits br00t4l), football/soccer, netball etc.

    lol anyway australia kills canada at sport.

    your proximity to america really brings you down.
  3. I watched a bit of a show called "The Reinventors" earlier this evening, and despite what you guys say about your accents, you do say "aboot" and put "eh" on the end of a lot of sentences.
  4. I cant remember saying 'aboot' ever but i do say 'eh' sometimes
  5. "Aboat"
  6. the haterz just wish they were from Kanadia
  7. Shut up and give us all your oil and maple syrup. Do it peacefully and we may not free the shit out of you.
  8. I like Canada.
  9. we will be the next UAE

    Then the US will definatly free the shit out of us then
  10. Man ya guys rocked the M8+ at the Olys.

    USA aint much better. All we care about is Baseball, Football, Hockey, and Basketball. Screw Olympic Sports. If you arent sponsored then good luck.

    We gotta pay out the ass to go to World Rowing Championships while other teams like GB, FRA, and AUS get paid. I remember when I went to Scotland I talked to the french Lm2x and each rower got like 20,000 euros and even spare rowers got like 3,000 euros just for that race. We had to pay like 7,000 usd a rower to make the trip sigh..... Im lucky I now belong to a club that pays for those expenses. Its now just up to me to make the team again.
  11. Never heard of that place.
  12. My girlfriend plays hockey. That shit is rough, she's always covered in bruises from the ball/sticks and then when I'm hanging out with her it looks like I'm a womanbeater or something.
  13. This. I've never heard anyone say "aboot" except for a person badly trying to impersonate or make fun of a Canadian.
  14. I 've heard Canadians say "aboat" Don Cherry comes to mind, actually.
  15. That's all I ever hear them say. Never aboot. People from the northern US do it, too. Wisconsin, Minnesota, etc.
  16. I'm actually of the opinion that what people imagine as being the stereotypical canadian accent is actually closer to a yooper accent than a canadian one.
  17. its really not that surprising. canadia doesn't exactly have a huge population to pull talent from. the fact they make as many of you do (hockey) is pretty impressive. you're not going to swing with co#$%#ries like the us or china or whatever while having 1/10th the population.

    and everyone knows you're not going to be too great at lots of sports with only white people.
  18. I'd like to go to Canada.
  19. Canada fails at sport

  20. population size and ethnicity has little to do with it. funding, cultural attitudes, youth development programs and so on are more likely the ingredients that combine to make the best team or the best athlete.
  21. Hockey is probably the second most popular sport in the world, and the Canadians are the best at it.

    Actually, hockey might be third... I don't know where basketball ranks these days...
  22. hockey is way down the list.

    In terms of fan populations
    Basketball (china loves it)
    baseball (latin america+japan)
    several others

    outside of canada, russia, the US, and a couple low population northern european countries, hockey isnt rry that popular.
  23. Field hockey maybe, not real hockey.
  24. Russia, Czech Republic? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    Edit: didn't see Russia lol
  25. Its pretty high up there in Germany too, but everything else is pretty low-pop.

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