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  1. You know we do control a vast wealth of this hemisphere's natural reasources, and they do have an off switch so #$%#ing behave.
  2. salt. Ketchup is also appropriate depending upon personal taste. Mayonnaise, gravy, and cheese curd are not. Chili and cheese however are welcome additions.

  3. 75% human
    25% animal

    That city was allowed to live. Because the British didnt have balls to finish em off.

    When something appears different to the retards of the world, naturally they would first pass them off as not normal.

    Canada made many American Cars because our factories were more efficient, and didnt have as much union BS as the Americans did.

    Most of Canada still isnt covered in snow at the moment. Next month it will be.

    Canada still isnt a Country yet. Our immigration is still allowing anyone Including terrorists to shape our future.

    wtf amd I doing in off topic chat... you guys are stupid and still fat and still not getting laid. Where is seansvette? I'm ordering a hit on you.
  4. Why did you come back? Even your fellow countrymen hate you.
  5. And our army has an On* switch.

    *The band On is tight.
  7. HARSH
  8. they're bloody fast cars. if you ever get a chance to get into a GT2 go before you get in.
  9. I'm serious, STFU asshole.
  10. noted
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  13. No. We went to the one on Adelaide and Duncan (clubbing district). There's one at Bathurst/Queen and one at Jarvis/Dundas. T'was really good.
  14. I liked Canada/the Canadians. I'd care <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

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