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  1. i hate canada period no more
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    oh wow. what a clever topic. other than prove you wrong, what has Canada or one of it's people ever done to you?

    ps I'm assuming you're american. if not say something...
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    i am an american and the statue of liberty is giving you the bird lol
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    have you ever heard of the war of 1812?
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    stang872 i thought you were alright, but with this topic i don't know no more. and yes i am a candian.
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    oh im srry forget the canada thing i just was mad that day oh well
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    yeah, well change your signature and prove it.
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    thanks, I appreciate that. very much so.
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    Hey DrivingMan, don't let this guy get to yea. Remember the States are lead by a moron, can't help but expect it might get passed to some of these Americans, and from his signature I'm not surprised he's one of them.
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    your just another dumb ass who dosent know what america is all about
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    America is all about freedom and democracy. It's about all men being created equal. It's about people of all national origins living under the same sun and flourishing together. It's about all races coming together and saluting the red white and blue.

    What is white anyway? White is not a race and it's not a country. Is it Irish, English, or French? No. White is a color. Technically speaking, white is a pigment which reflects all colors.

    This American macho BS you're pulling allows others to stereotype us TRUE Americans.

    Article I: Marine Corps Code of Conduct.
    "I am an American, fighting in the forces which guard my country and our way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their defense."

    Men and women of all backgrounds fought and died for this country. Your "white America" crap spits on every one of them, including those of European decent. The Native Indians developed the only code that was never broken in WWII. Their contribution was critical to our success, and they did so even after we created the first real genocide in recorded history. We killed them off and stole their land, and yet they embraced our flag and died for it.

    Why don't you show a little fxcking respect?
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    I love it. there's actually an american that sees the big picture! There's a world outside of those 50 states...
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    geez i said i was sorry right so get over it u #$%#in crab ass

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