Canadian Felino CB7 Supercar

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    Canadian Felino CB7 Supercar Steals The Spotlight At 2014 Montreal Auto Show

    The Quebec built Felino cB7 supercar prototype made its official debut today at the 2014 Montreal Auto Show. Wait. What's that you say? It's the car that you didn't even know existed, but you'd likely sell your soul for. The cB7 looks like an evil step-child of the Batmobile... except we think its badass stance is even more sinister than the famed movie car. Even the details of its running gear are veiled in secrecy tighter than that of Bruce Wayne's true identity.

    The cB7 has been in development for the past three years and is the culmination of a ton of R&D by its creator Antoine Bessette. Bessette is the CEO of Felino and a native Quebecois racecar driver. As much as we'd like to flood you with more information on what is shaping up to be Canada's best homegrown supercar to date, we can't. We can only speculate and can't really fact-icate much of it for now.

    What we do know from its previous spy video of it rocking donuts on the streets of Montreal is that the Felino is rear wheel drive and sounds like it's rocking a turbo 4 cylinder of some sort under its shapely hood. With its estimated weight coming in at under 1,000 kilograms (or 2,200 lbs), we're sure that Bessette picked the right powerplant to match.

    There are rumours that the cB7 will be rocking a 500+ hp V8 in final form, but the spy video shot footage of it in action sure doesn't sound much like a V8. We're okay with that - hello, Lotus power-to-weight ratio. Bessette says that that the Felino will ship with a 6-speed manual transmission and will sport a near 50/50 weight distribution.
  2. innotech loves this.

    i kinda like it too. sure.

    profile reminds me of the Chrysler Atlantic Concept X the original Crossfire concept.

    Both good things.
  3. why did they make it so ugly?

    and why does the logo look like the transformers
  4. #$%#ing hideous

    looks like a Zlatko Cosmopolit.
  5. looks completely terrible.
  6. fix the rear end and we got a deal
    like the front and the side
  7. At least it's not claiming 1,000HP and 0-60 in 1.4 seconds.
  8. shouldn't this be in other countries?
  9. No, just 745KW.
  10. Every couple years another "Canadian Supercar" comes along, and it never comes to fruition.
  11. visually it would of been a good 86 competitor with say 280hp
  12. kinda Weismann to me.
  13. Gillet Vertigo
  14. holy shit if Innotech thinks it looks completely terrible, then there may be absolutely no hope for it
  15. I'd prefer we call this shit quebecois so the proper Canadians needn't be embarrassed
  16. That's a typical Don Cherry's reply.
  17. Saturn. The only Canadian Supercar.
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    Well here's a weird video of it.
  19. I think it actually looks decent in that video. I think the only thing I dont like is how low the tail lights sit. they need to be higher on the rear end and I think it would look much better
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    check how the bodywork wobbles in the slow mo at 0:29
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    holy shit that looks horrible
    I'd rather own one of those SsangYong SUV/minibus looking things
    this is the ugliest vehicle I've ever seen
  22. It should be in some NFS knock off arcade style racing game called Canuck Super GT
  23. looks like a gumpert apollo made raunchy sex with a gillet vertigo.
  24. holy shit man, post more.

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