Canadian jury names Fiesta ‘Best of the Best’

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    The Canadian Automotive Jury has named its choice for 2011 Best of the Best vehicle: the Ford Fiesta.

    The jury, made of 10 Canadian auto journalists, includes Globe Drive contributors Jeremy Cato, Michael Vaughan and Petrina Gentile. This is the second year the group has given out its award; the 2010 winner was the Volkswagen Golf.

    The group chose 11 new 2011 vehicles as the Best of the Best contenders; to qualify, vehicles must have been on sale in Canadian showrooms by Oct. 1, 2010. The previous year’s winner is also included to create a field of 12 vehicles from which the jury members pick a winner.

    The jury cited the Fiesta’s availability as a sedan or hatchback, excellent fuel economy, “big car” features, and a high “fun to drive quotient that was tough to beat.”

    The finalists were:

    Audi R8
    BMW 5-Series
    Buick Regal
    Cadillac CTS
    Ford Fiesta
    Hyundai Sonata
    Jeep Grand Cherokee
    Kia Sportage
    Mercedes-Benz E-Class
    Volkswagen Jetta
    Volkswagen Golf
  2. Fiesta is more fun to drive than an R8?
  3. Stupid price range
  4. Nicely done Ford. Ford just took a massive shit on BMW and Mercedes!! Hahaha
  6. I kinda agree with this. Price aside, I'd give the R8 and Mercedes the thumbs up
  7. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> Europe #1
  8. Ford killing the competition. Amurika #1
  10. It should be..

    BMW 5-Series
    Audi R8
    Mercedes E-Class
    Cadillac CTS
    Volkswagen Jetta
    Volkswagen Golf

    Ford Fiesta.

  11. why
  12. Not even considering how stupid the rest of your list is, the MkVI Golf is 10x better than the new Cheapo drum brake tubed rear axle Jetta.
  13. lol
  14. No.

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