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  1. does that make you proud?
  2. Subsidized* to the tune of?

    *Provided with loans on a project by project basis that can optionally slowly be paid should the venture be profitable, but not if it fails. So not a strict subsidy but a subsidy in all but name.

    **the whole world subsidizes their aircraft industries in one way or another.

    *** I feel quite sure that Canada needs to keep propping up Bombardeir because they make "fantastic products", Im just not sure why at the moment :/
  3. proud to be a canadian
    where at least i know im free
  4. this
  5. v8stangman is such a whiny little #%!@ when it comes to politics and is the exact reason why quebec politics is so fUcking retarded
  6. I feel like CB after completing 5 minutes on the treadmill at the gym.
  7. Thats not something to lament over. Canada couldn't keep up with the US/EU for very long because of the costs of development, it was just curtailed early. First the cessation of work after Avro went under, and then the end of the cold war. Canada still has some incredibly innovative designers, engineers, scientists, and companies in the aerospace industry.
  8. yeah right nice troll attempt
    nasa would never do such a disgusting thing

    isn't there some train tracks you should be kneeling on or something?

    mmm, yes....that's what i thought
  9. lol

  10. Except on the internet
  11. how does that make sense "except on the internet"?

  12. How come Canada doesn't make military jets anymore?
  13. v8stangman, even though you come from a nation that surrendered to the British in 1755, I still think you are a stand up gentleman.
  14. Too passive. We cave at American assholism.
  15. NO

    REASON: Phoenix Coyotes
  16. Canadian corporate tax is way lower than US corporate tax right now. Where the hell would businesses pack up and go? Bell and Rogers can't go anywhere. Tim Hortons can't go anywhere. Banks, lawyers, accountants, bakeries, restaurants, shopping centres can't go anywhere. At worst we'll get fewer new manufacturing jobs for simple things easily made elsewhere, which we would probably lose regardless of our tax rate since we can't beat $1/day labour cost and no worker safety laws in 3rd world countries. More complex manufacturing can't move because it relies on the existing skilled labour and infrastructure, as parts suppliers and manufacturers and retailers are all linked up by our transportation network.

    The mobility of corporations is vastly overstated. Anything even remotely service based can't move, and won't close shop as long as a profit can be made. A corporate tax rate of 18% is still extremely competitive. Harper wants to drop it to 15% when the US rate is still 34-35%. Somehow I doubt 15% is going to open the flood gate to stealing US jobs if 18% isn't enough. Heck the fact we haven't stolen more jobs despite half the corporate tax is more evidence that corporations aren't as mobile as they pretend to be when they lobby for tax cuts. They have to stay local if they want to make money. Corporations have to operate in the countries they want to profit from, and you can bet they'll stay in CA/US because there is lots of money to be made and they won't want to cede the profits to another company that would gladly fill the void if they left. The only difference if we cut corporate tax even lower is that Rogers and RBC can report higher quarterly profits ($327Million and $1.8Billion profit last quarter) and give their CEOs a few million more in bonuses as a reward.

    As for the Liberals and fiscal responsibility, what makes you think they're bad at it? Right wing doesn't equal fiscally conservative, they just spend money differently (prisons, military) and cut taxes so they can't afford it.

    The Liberals ran huge surplus budgets for years, and proved they were fiscally responsible because they used the surplus to pay off the national debt. If they were truly irresponsible they would've turned every surplus dollar into new spending.
  17. So you want to spend a bunch of money to build something inferior or at best spend a ridiculous amount of money to build something possibly equal. Because that is what the F-2 program is a great example of and probably the chinese programs.
  18. Like I said before, the inferiority complex is one of the thing that I'm least proud about in the Canadian identity. I mean, there's already a lot of very cool stuff happening in the Canadian aerospace industry, all be it mostly super specialized companies. But apparently thats not enough and it needs to do everything the US and EU can too.
  19. Seriously, the US needs to really try to keep up legitimate fighter industry. Much of it based on being able to export, no way the F-35 would exist without the export market. Also the F-18 and F-16 lines would have long ago closed down without export. There are going to be less and less fighters built in coming decade and the US will go from 4 fighter lines to maybe 1? It will be a very expensive thing keep going.

    So Canada would have to spend a huge amount of money and then have to compete on the export market with the US. What allies does America Jr. have that are also not US allies? So who would buy it?
  20. You think Harper, Layton and Igniateff or whatever how you spell it are better in politics?

    Yeah, right.
  21. Pretty much my thoughts. And it's not like Canada can produce something like Saab and build 'economy class' fighters, because for whatever reason speaking English means you like war, and in all likelihood our planes are going to be asked to step up to the plate several times in their life.

    Hypothetically, if Avro somehow kept going, and the Cold War was ongoing, we might have a Saab of our own. But that's not good for us, that's not what we need. We're going to be in the Desert Storm of the coming years, and we'll be over Yugoslavia of the future, and not when shit is mopped up, but probably from the beginning when the threats are still serious. We need a more effective plane than what we can reasonably afford to develop on our own.

    I don't understand. For whatever reason people don't like to hear that we ever receive anything in the Canadian-American relationship.
  22. If Harper wins I don't care anyways, I'll just be more glad I decided to leave this country. Have fun!
  23. wait does it really matter what kind of #$%#ing fighter jets we have? Do people even use fighter jets anymore? Seriously...did wheelman just say we need to deploy in Libya but couldn't because we didn't have "fighter jets"? Isn't the War-Against-Terror™ fought in some dingy 3rd world countries where WWII planes would suffice.

    Why the heck do we need top of the line stealth-F-35-Jets, I wonder how many missiles or whatever canada has launched from a fighter jet in the last 5 years.

    Fighter jets seem so 90s to me. Didn't know people still used that crap tbh
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  25. You know, I hear you on that. The Green Party is the only one that has no 'dirt' on them yet. And frankly, thats why they are a close 2nd vote for me.

    The ONLY reason I'm voting Conservatives again this year is because I personally use to know a few MLAs and one seat holder (chuck strahl). From talking with him a few times, I kinda followed his view of politics. Harper himself...I don't know him, so yeah, really I can't trust him as I can't anyone else.

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