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  1. I read in a car magazine (can't remember which) that this car has been canceled. It would be a great car, but...
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    Any idea why it was cancelled? Did something better replace it?
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    nope not canceled!
    reason canceled?
    ford disconfigured the concept car.
    wanted to implement a mid-engine front wheel drive car, and changed the body shape similar to a boxster... jaguar said no.
    with a new engine option available (3.5L v8), it is possible that jaguar may sway away from that 3.0, and also go more sporty...
    but who knows,
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    only 239HP? hmmmm, give it at least double the HP amount, then produce it...
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    evo said it was cancelled, it was probably too expensive to prodruce or some pathetic corporate crap like that, instead they're having wider range of sport engine options on other models or somethin, i dunno i lost the mag
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    not canceled, just posponed.
    ford promised it this decade.
    september 28, was the date, and 2007 is the project date.
    after the release of the new XJ in 2004
    and X-Type R the year afterwards.
    then the diesel enginges added.
    and finally the F-Type in the pipeline
    the powerplant probably be different, and they'll probably go with the 3.5L V8 instead of the 3.0 v6.
    and the chassis will probably use something ismilar to the XJ, therefore a full alunimum chassis.
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    2005 is the date.
    it may come out with 3.0 and 4.0L engine options
    240 and 360HP respectively
    supercharged versions may come out afterwards.
    price tag of $40-$60K will be seen
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    Anyone have any pictures of how the actual car will look?
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    picture a car where:
    e-type meets the x-type.
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    i understand that Jaguar has a target market for this car, but it could be so much more than a competitor against the M3's, Boxters and Z series cars out there, could it not?

    I mean, to me, this car could be at the forefront of front engined production supercars if given the right adjustments and modifications...say, drop in a 6.0L or 7.0L V12 as optional, then tweak it...and add, say, twin turbo's or a supercharger? the V12 on its own from Jaguar SVO or Lister would no doubt be something to contend with, but the TT's or the supercharger would absolutely blow away the competition...if the XJ220 had the 3.0L straight 6 in it and was once champion of the supercar world, could anyone imagine the repercussions of what i am fathoming???

    and for the absolute psychos out there, why not put in a couple of NoS bottles?

    This car has the potential to be more than it is being designed for, it has a greater destiny...let it be, all that it can be...and much more...
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    Umm first off, the XJ220 had a 3.5L V6, not a 3.0L straight 6. Secondly, Jag's reasoning for putting a small V6 into the F-Type concept was to keep weight as well as cost down. Besides, cubic inches and more cylinders don't always mean a better car. This is supposed to be a lightweight roadster, not a big block musclecar, or an expensive supercar.

    And umm, last I heard the F-Type project was delayed... indefinitely. Not postponed, but cancelled. If Jag does do a small roadster, it won't be for a while. And they didn't cancel it because Ford wanted to make it mid engined and front wheel drive (don't know where you got FWD). The plan was to build a pair of mid engined rear drive roadsters (one a Jag, the other an Aston). The Aston was supposed to me V8 powered, and the Jag V6 powered. However Aston Martin wanted the car to be front engined like their cars always are. What we ended up with from AM was the AMV8 Vantage concept. What we got from Jag was the all new XJ. Jag dropped the F-Type to focus on it's bread and butter XJ sedan. Because the X-Type was/is doing much more poorly than Jag had anticipated, they decided to focus on their mainstream sedan to bring more money into the company instead of building a niche product. That's why there are no plans for an F-Type like Roadster for now.

    IMHO I don't think the F-Type will materialize for quite some time if Jaguar even decides to produce a product along it's lines. The XK series while refreshed for '03 is getting long in the tooth in terms of design. The S-Type is also due for a makeover. If you ask me, Jag will focus on the XK, S-Type and then most likely the X-Type before they get around to building a small roadster.
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    this car will come out, and it will come out after the xtype since they will most likely share the same chassis. so thats one of the biggest reasons why jag canceled it for now
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    This is one of the best looking models jaguar has made lately they cant cancel it many of there stuff is getting old and too classy!!
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    very true.
    the s-type, and x-type will get makeovers, which would include a 2-door option. the x-type, will also get a roadster (thus the 2 seater sports car a la F-Type) Jaguar believed it would have been easier to sell, and produce doing it this way, phasing in more alternative to a set model, rather than setting up another model.
    S-Type roadster pics were spotted around the web already. A real classy look.
    Jaguar wants to get rid of the AWD as a standard option in its cars, thus in a way also reducing the price of the car, yet adding more performance, instead of comfort.
    the new chassis systems will be phased into the Jaguar complete line-up.
    Power upgrades are expected, including a V10, and maybe a v12 if sales grow.
    Jaguar is currently suppling V12 to aston martin, so it's not a big deal seeing one in a jaguar again. though price may be the issue.
    note on your post:
    Jaguar and AM wanted the engine to be front powered. Jaguar ditched the Ford redesign. thus through special funds, the AM was made. Remember Jaguar now currently control AM. Very interesting scenarios is occuring now between Ford and Jaguar.
    Ford threatens to stop sending funds, However Jaguar is conteracting by preventing Ford in using their technologies, and at times had already threatened to defect. It will be very interesting to see what happens to Jaguar, when and if, the UK ever join the EU.
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    i dont understand they should produce it

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