Canon Rebel XTi vs. Nikon D40

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  1. Which is the better camera? Some pictures from either camera would be helpful too thanks
  2. I don't know anything but I think the XTi is better than the D40, but the D70 is better than the XTi.
  3. D40 is SO much better. Canon makes good point and shoot cameras for noobs, but Nikon is definitely the expert for pro's.
  4. STFU your opinion counts nada
  5. canon - less indoor/night grain!
  6. in before fanboys
  7. Depends what lenses you are planning on using and if you just plan to keep the kit ones etc.
  8. kit ones most likely
  9. I've got the Rebel XT and it's a great camera. Some people feel it's too small compared to the larger 10D, 20D, 30D, & 40D but it's never been a problem for me and i've got big hands. The XTi has a pretty big megapixel advantage over the Nikon.

    The only thing I don't really like about the Canon is the kit lens just sucks. You're better off buying a body and picking up a lens that you want
  10. The nikon 18-55 and 55-200 VR are better than the canon alternative.
  11. Hold them both. If the XTi feels to small, get the Nikon. If it doesn't, flip a coin.
  12. Canon Rebel XTi end thread.
  13. Canon. I own one and love it. /thread.
  14. Canon > Nikon, end thread.
  15. People who just said canon without giving a reason are #$%#ing morons.
  16. You could set up some elaborate test to prove that the Canon has slightly lower noise when viewed at 150%, or that the WB on the Nikon is marginally more accurate when shooting under a crescent moon but the bottom line is they will are both capable of taking excellent pictures and there's no bad decision here.

    edit: and the body itself is mostly irrelevant. Do some research into the rest of the kit from both companies and see what interests you.
  17. MORAN!
  18. There is a bad decision here and its the 400d with the kit lens which is an absolutely shit lens.
  19. I'm curious:

    which has the edge in landscape and portrait (not studio) categories
  20. It sure feels like shit, but it serves its purpose just fine.
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  22. No it doesn't, its the worst of the kit lenses optically. If you buy a canon SLR and intend to use the kit lens for a long time you're an idiot.
  23. I have a Nikon and love it, but that doesn't mean you should buy one. Read up on each camera and then make a decision for yourself.
  24. my two cents.

    Nikon's flash system is several times better than canons.

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