cant decide on which gun to get

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MarthaStewart, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. I been wanting to get a new pistol...and have came to these guns as finalists

    1. FN Five Seven
    i know ammo will be hard to get..and pricey..but the gun is rather awesome.
    2. HK USP.45
    its a lil pricey..but for some reason..i love it..i would much rather the socom 23..but that is just way too pricey
    3. Springfield 1911
    not expensive..and..its a 1911..a proven design..although..i dont like the small clip
    4. Colt .45 Mark IV series 80
    nice gun..small clip also

    i hope some more knowledgable gun people (spyder) would either help me dicide..and maybe even include some others that i have not thought of
  2. what are you going to use it for?
  3. Get a double stack Springfield 1911 if number of rounds is important to you, and if you don't have dainty feminine hands.

    Having fired a USP Tac, expert, and plain old full frame 45, I would recomend the expert if you can afford the difference.

    What are you buying the handgun for?
  4. why do you need a gun?
  5. Because he needs one.
    Why do you care?
  6. The USP is pretty hard to beat right now - from all I've read, it's a great all-round firearm.
  7. He has to be american, he has to "protect" himself by owning 50 different kind of handguns.
  8. To compensate.
  9. Or perhaps he, like most Americans and most anyone else, just likes to go to the range and shoot them, or go hunting.....your bias is ridiculous....
  10. cause i have a small penis..and a gun increases mental size by 2 inches...

    no..i am taking it up as a hobby..and i like shooting pistols..they are fun..main use would be for sport shooting..and if need i want an awesome the listed price range of those pistols
  11. You wouldn't really want the FN Five-seven if it was for target range. You should get a 9mm, because I imagine the bullets would be a lot cheaper for that.
  12. Hopefully to murder your stupid ass.
  13. Go... hunting... with a handgun? 'Scuse me but, wtf?

    And whats a different gun gonna do at a range? Dont all guns just shoot?
  14. Buy a PB gun or an airsoft gun or something. Non-leathal and FUN for real! (not just a lame excuse to own a deadly weapon)
  15. yea i know..but i love the gun..and the fact it can own armor...and the 20 round clip..the gun really intrigues me..and is at the top of my list right now
  16. I would hate to live in a place where i feel i need a gun for protection
  17. Different guns kill paper targets differently.
  18. did the PB was lame..i much prefer the smell..and excitement with real pistols..

    SO PLZ..quit tryin to bring up lame alternatives..if u dont have anythign to say about hte pistols listed..or other pistols i should include..dont post
  19. If you've ever used one, you'd understand. Each gun feels very different from one another. A H&K USP for example will feel very different from a .44 S&W six-shooter.
  20. Before you get into another gun discussion, shoot a gun so you'll know what it's like.
  21. take this advice
  22. Running around shooting at people w/ guns in a safe environment = lame
    Shooting at pieces of paper with a deadly weapon = fun?
  23. Glock's new 37 has gotten good reviews if you want a big, powerful .45. You can't really go wrong with their 19 either, as its deadly accurate.
  24. ..yes..pb guns dont kick..dont have a awesome smell of gunpowder..there is no thrill

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