cant decide on which gun to get

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MarthaStewart, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. i thought of glocks..but they all look alike....and i dont really like the wya they look
  2. Get the .500 Magnum. Get the 4 inch for added fun.
  3. Buy one of those super-real airsoft guns then, although I fail to see how little/no recoil is a bad thing?!? Real target shooters use air pistols if I'm not mistaken...

    And gunpowder smells like ass. If you like the smell of gunpower and the owning/using deadly weapons you have a mental problem. I'm sorry. At least do some good and get you dumb ass to Iraq..
  4. dude..what part of i dont want ur pansy wannabe gay crap replacement for a real gun wont get through to you
  5. I need to get on to bed so I’m going to make this short.

    I'd shy away from the Five Seven. It's totally awesome looking and you can't dispute its fire power. But the ammo is ridiculously expensive and difficult to obtain. It isn't stocked by most gun stores or ranges and you would almost always have to order it. I could also see some unknowledgeable indoor ranges not wanting you to use it for fear it would damage their backstops.

    Like all H&K products the USP is an excellent firearm. My first pistol was the USP Compact in .40 S&W. I love the gun. The only thing you may not like is the extremely short trigger pull in single action. It's a hair trigger for sure. They are costly guns. I paid $650 for mine 3 years ago and they go for around $700 - $750 in most shops now. The .40/.357/9mm USPs have interchangeable barrels, the .45 does not. The USP was updated and H&K calls it the P2000 now. Same basic gun but a new style. The only other downside to the H&K series of guns are that high capacity magazines are virtually unheard of in the US and even the standard 10 rounders are expensive.

    The 1911 is a 1911. Little more needs to be said. Some people don't like the fact it is single action only and the magazine capacity is limited.

    Also consider Glock. They are the lesser expensive H&K. Personally the H&K has a more quality feel to me. If you look at the slide release its really apparent. The Glock uses a stamped piece of metal, the H&K uses this huge piece of machined steel. The Glock also doesn’t have a manual decocker while the H&K does.

    Beretta also makes a quality arm. I used a range rental one day at the local range and I was just blow away over smooth the action is. Range guns tend to be well worn but it didn’t seem to have any negative effect on the weapon.

    All in all you want your first gun to be something easy to use and cheap to shoot. For this reason i'd stay away from the Five Seven. I'd like to own one some day but frankly i'll probably store it away in the safe and never shoot it.
  6. But there's a sensation with the recoil... Personally I don't like it that much, but that's because I get nervous and it's cold in the target range.
  7. Paintball can still be pretty rad, as you generally can't go out and shoot at your friends with real firearms. Though I don't get what's up with all those paintballers who dress like ravers.
  8. You wanting to own a gun but not enlisting to fight in the army = you being the giant wannabe pussy.
  9. I’d hate to need a gun for protection and not have one.
  10. they arent illegal so he can get whatever the fk he wants. so shutup hippies.
  11. Why do you need an Omega?

    The world is full of luxuries, gadgets and toys. You're not one to deny this.
  12. yea..i forgot about beretta..thx..

    i know the ammo for the Five Seven is expensive..but i really really love hte gun..adn i dont think it would be a problem obtaining ammo..thats why we have internet..glock is outta the question though
  13. You're just pissed because you can't own one.

    Real target shooters probably use target pistols...

    Gun powered smells good.

    I'm sorry you're so closeminded to freak out about someone taking personal responability.
  14. What's that picture?
  15. in the coast gaurd
  16. So, why do you need a faster car? Dont all cars just drive? (Before you start, that was a rhetorical question)

    Why do people enjoy buying lots of guns? Because they enjoy both the differences in the make of the gun itself and how it shoots at the range.

    You havent exactly been around many guns, have you?
  17. Actually its not easy to get a handgun lisence here dude.
  18. I own a Glock too. A Model 19 in 9mm. The medium size frames are the best looking ones. The others are just goofy.
  19. If you want to argue about whether or not firearm ownership should be legal, go to/make a different thread. Or go to hell.
  20. responsibility = bringing a deadly weapon into your home and out into public = rich.
  21. I like the G34 length better.
  22. i live in louisiana..we dont need a liscense
  23. The NUGE you NOOB.
  24. Thing is that i dont need a faster car, all i need is a good all around car. Just like you "need" a good all around gun.
  25. If you want to own/use a gun so bad then go join the army, the one place that mentality makes sense. They'll put you on the fireing line as quick as possible and issue you with all the ammo you can carry - completely free of charge!

    WTF business does an off-duty coast guard member have with a sidearm? I suppose if you're ever at the beach and some Hatians wash up, you can march them back into the water?

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