cant decide on which gun to get

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MarthaStewart, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. u dont know much of anything
  2. He wants a gun for his PERSONAL use. You can't keep your gun in the army.
  3. Why would you want to own a firearm meant to kill people if not for the purpose of killing people? I'm just trying to help you find the proper outlet for your mental problems...

    It makes about as much sense as owning a car without driveing it (just revving the engine in park once in a while)... except one indicates a love of speed, the other a lust for death...
  4. I thought all he wanted was to use it at the range? Why would he need to bring it back home?
  5. and that has nothing to do with it being hard to get a license or not.

    It aint illegal so you can get whatever you want.
  6. pistols can be used for hunting..and for sport

    what is so hard to understand..i have no violent urges..its a hobby i want to take part in...Just like i race RC a sponsored driver for Thunder Tiger..its a hobby...just like i pistols
  7. RC cars dont kill people.
  8. yes they can..for instance..i hit a kid in the head that shouldnt have been on the track..while i was coming off a jump..i was 2inches from hitting him in the temple..where if i hit..the impact could have done heavy damage to the skull and brain
  9. LOL. Hunting pistol. Nice. Just like those hunting machine guns that are also the rage in the US. I can't imagine the levels of doublethink and self-dillusion it must take to buy that...

    And clearly wanting to own and carry a deadly weapon does indicate violent tendencies/desires. Perfectly natural: me and youz is just mamals after all. Luckily I have the good sense to deprive myself of the means to carry out my animalistic desires/instincts if it ever came to that.
  10. Thats called a dumb@ss.

    RC cars arent made for killing, guns are. Thats what i meant.
  11. dude..u are retarded...wanting a pistol for range shootin, hunting, and possible if need be protection..doesnt make me a savage beasts like your mom
  12. Who are you to say what I "need" and what I dont need?

    I sleep well knowing that if someone tries to break into my house there is the option to shoot him. If you think that people that do that are paranoid and you enjoy relying on some other methods of protection, that doesnt bother me at all.
  13. Because, you don't leave your gun at the range. You bring it home and work on it there.
  14. Cellphone 9-1-1?
  15. kill more people a year than should be banned
  16. As ive said many times, and i believe i'll have to say it again, cars arent made to kill people, their meant to go from A to B. Guns are MADE FOR KILLING, dammit, they go from gun to head.
  17. yea..thats scares away an intruder
  18. I'm the first to admit the idea of a gun (or any weapon) is appealing. It's part of our human/animal nature. Don't pretend for a SECOND you want it for any other reason but the general badassary of one, because that's EXACTLY why I'd want one.

    I'm also afraid I'd be prepared to use a gun if the need ever stuck me, which is exactly why I don't want one.

    good sense > basal desire
  19. doesnt matter..its pretty sad if something made to go from A to B is more deadly than somethign designed to kill..
  20. Well you should leave it at the range, lethal weapons shouldnt be carried around in public.
  21. i drive cars in public..leave this thread now u girly man
  22. My god, you don't brandish it in public. You also don't have the clip in the gun, and the gun loaded either. And usually you drive home.
  23. You have an idea of how long it takes on average for a police officer to show up?

    What about the time the average burglary takes?

    And if someone comes looking to kill you?

    I dont have to worry about any of those things. You do. All because you are too scared of guns and have been fed so much bullshit in your lifetime that you think anyone who has one has issues.
  24. Yes it would, you can be sure he'll never come back.
  25. ...i dont want it cause its awesome..i want it for the sport..its no different than wanting a rc car..

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