cant decide on which gun to get

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MarthaStewart, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. ....first of all...i wouldnt just shoot someon cause they are in my house at night...its called visual contact with the threat...using vocal commands..and if he is messed up..and not listening..a warning shot...if nothing after that..i shoot him in the the cops..put him in jail..i want the gun for sport and if need be..defense...not to kill
  2. Not going to address my last post, muted? Or are you just sick of the lies?
  3. Alright, let me come up with another ridiculous example.

    Its in the middle of the night, you hear some noise downstairs, you go to check it out with your gun.

    Now you look at the person and try to figure out wether its a criminal or your son, its dark, you dont see sh!t, then the person turns back and sees you, and he just shoots before you could tell who it was. Congrats, your gun saved you. Not.

    Lemme come up with another one!

    Middle of the night, you hear noise downstairs, you go down with your gun, you see someone screwing with the wires on the TV, you take your gun and shoot the f*ck out of him. Then you realise it was your son who was plugging in his PS2, congratulations, you just shot your son!
  4. i dont live in a 2 story house..try harder weak sauce

    why would i shoot someone for taking my tv...
  5. i think i did..and..ur the only one with problems..stupid liberal
  6. You can address that issue easily with a light for the gun. And besides, what if you don't have any kids?
  7. i want to own a gun for the sport..whats so hard to understand..i dont have an urge to kill like its ok for me to have one...thx for taking my thread way off topic cause u cant control urself enough to have a gun
  8. Oh so your just gonna say "excuse me, could you please leave my TV?", riiiight.
  9. no..i will name is stewacide..i dont have a gun cause my man urge is too uncontrollable and i would just kill everyone cause thats what guns are for...

    or..get out of my house..i will call 911 on my cell phone...they cops will be here in 10 minutes to take u to jail..ahha ur so screwed now!!
  10. So your just gonna pop a big bright light so the criminal can spot you a mile away? And who gives a f*ck wether you live in a 2 story or not.
  11. Do you know what those lights do? You press a button and they come on. They blind them temporarily as well.

    I take it you're not that knowledgable about guns?
  12. btw..they have alarm systems..and sensors that turn lights on in ur house when entry is made at certain hours
  13. So your saying that cops are useless? Your paying taxes for nothing? We should get rid of cops for their uselessness?
  14. Thats assuming the person trying to defend his house is a complete idiot.

    Not many people are going to fire at a small child, nor are many burgulars going to just shoot the first person he sees in the dark.
  15. A small child? Your son isnt gonna be 5 years old all his life you know? Eventually, your son will be 20 and 6 foot tall.
  16. I climb in mountain lion, grizzly bear and black bear territory countless times all through the year and have never had an aggressive action.

    Quit living in your bullshit fear of everything.
  17. What if you get in a situation? It happens...
  18. No urge to kill? Aren't inheriently excited by weapons? Whatever, pussy (liar)

    I have INSANE levels of self controll. I've never been visibly mad in my adult life. But still I can't completely rule out the possibility of my using a weapon if I had one, and you certainly can't since 1/2 this thread is you concocting scenarios so that you can!
  19. So why would any reasonable person go into the complete dark and fire a shot at a figure in their living room?

    Noone that I know.

    You really do live in a fantasy world where all gun owners are idiots and the police catch every criminal.
  20. Then you play it by the book, and if shit happens, it happens. People aren't meant to inhabit the mountains, and I accept that.

    Taking preventative measures are far better than having a 'back-up' plan and living in the false security a gun gives you.
  21. get one that shoots bullets and kills people.
  22. ..dont try to use ur lack of self control to say who cant have a gun..adn what they will do with it..face it..u cant control ur anger..there fore u think noone is fit for a weapon..i made stupid scenarios jsut as he prove..that they can come in handy in tight situations..although..if u read mine..none included death..
  23. I'm not saying be cocky, but if you got caught in that sort of situation wouldn't you agree that it would be better to have a gun than to not?
  24. So then police officers = irresponsible = rich
  25. My house was robbed three times by the same people, we called the cops every time. Only the third time a .357 Magnum Colt Python told them to #$%# off, we never had any trouble after that.

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