cant decide on which gun to get

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MarthaStewart, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. You dumb canuck, the second time my house was robbed they took one of those ozarka bottles filled close to the brim in change. The damn thing probably weighed over 200 pounds, thats why its usually more than one person robbing a house with a car waiting. Oh, and ever hear of a damn pickup truck?
  2. What about a target pistol, something designed to punch holes in paper? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  3. Wha? I recomended a air-powered target pistol as a sensible option if he was legitimately interested in target shoting - the fact that he insists on a "real gun" is just more evidence of his weapon fixation...
  4. I ment a small caliber non-pnumatic pistol, like a .22 caliber target pistol.

    I have a weapon fixation, I love training with them.
  5. I have a 25 inch breaker bar. Someday, I'm going to kill someone with it.
  6. What's the point of a .22 vs. an air rifle, except for the fact that the .22 could conceiveably kill someone and is less accurate to boot?

    At least your semi-honest about your modivation...
  7. Wrong, a .22 rifle or pistol is more accurate than an air rifle. And air rifles now a days are every bit as lethal.

    Semi-honest? Tell me what my modivation is then.
  8. I'm pretty sure elite shooters use air rifles because they're more accurate. Properly regulated they should be more consistent than a gunpowder-powered cartridge.

    And the lethality is intentionally reduced by the projective shape size and weight I would think, unlike a normal gun which is designed for maximum lethality. Of course you could design an air gun to be very lethal - in fact IIRC a number of air rifles have seen military use.

    I think "shooting" is a retarded sport regardless, but if you're serious about persueing it as a sport then get an air rifle. Otherwise it's just an avenue for your phallice-augmenting gun obsession. Certainly don't get anything more than a .22...

    The thread starter wants to buy a Five-seveN!!! (I didn't think those were legal anywhere). That's strait mil-spec' cop-killing retardedness...
  9. They have air rifle programs, where they shoot at targets 10 meters away. And they have .22 caliber @ 50 yards shooting at something the size of a dime. Then they have free rifle at 300 yards. That is what the experts use.

    Then what about a .17 cal cartridge, same size/weight as the .177 air rifles use.

    You think a lot of stupid things, thats why no one respects you. You obviously don't know what you're talking about, I might use an air rifle if I was going to be shooting at a target very close. What if I'm shooting at something 300 yards away, how about 1000 yards out? See, this refusal to accept anything other that what pops in your head as the truth is why you're so screwed up. You've never in your life experienced any of this and suddenly you're an expert. We like guns because they're shaped like dicks, what a joke.
  10. Oh, and the five-seven is no cop killer. We can't get the AP ammo that makes it so lethal, only the hollow point. Hell, I wouldn't mind a five-seven reguardless, as it was my pick.
  11. stewacide, how many legal gun owners are there in the US ?

    How many of them have actually killed someone ?

    Maybe they have a weapons fixation, maybe they don't. What is important is that they don't break the law, and for the most part, you'll find that most gun owners don't.

  12. This thread amuses me to a point of uncontrollable laughter.
  13. The truth is that you're sitting in your chair with a blank face.

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