Can't Decide what supercar to buy :( HELP!

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by Cuggz, May 4, 2017.


Which one would you drive on a daily

  1. Audi r8

  2. lamborghini Huracan RWD

  3. Ferrari 458

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  4. Mclaren

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  1. Hey guys!

    So im in a bit of a pickle.

    I'm moving to Dallas from Toronto and i cant decide what car to get. I'd appreciate any advice from owners or anyone in general. Since i will be moving to Dallas, I wont have the pleasure of ordering my car the way i want. I will have to buy something off the lot. It will be my daily driver, so ill be needing it to fit the majority of real world use. Things such as driving to work, possible long distance cruises, grocery shopping etc.

    I am a Ferrari F1 fan at heart but i feel like if i drive one, i want it made the way id like.
    Also, being that we are downsizing our engines, I want to experience NA before its gone!
    Then again i love Mclaren doors :(
    I love the Huracan, but i hate that it has one cupholder :(

    Here are the cars im thinking about
    - Lamborghini Huracan RWD
    - Audi R8
    -Mclaren 570S/570GT
    - Ferrari 458 Italia.
  2. Why wouldn't you be able to order it how you want?
    And to answer your question, come to Houston and buy a 488GTLM from Risi Competizione.
  3. Edit: buy a Blue Devil or Vector M12.
  4. Edit: don't buy any of those because the roads of Dallas are shit.
    Stick to something over a 2 inch ride height.
  5. i dont think any any supercar is lower than a 2 inch ride height.
  6. Edit: stay out of Dallas all together. The whole city is shit. I've had the displeasure of going there about 20 times.
  7. Get a 911.
  8. Just assuming there is a shred of real in this post.

    Forget daily use supercar. Buy a comfortable wagon, a Raptor if you must. Buy a trailer for a racing Ferrari.
  9. because i waste my time writing posts for no reason.
    this forum sucks but thanks anyways
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  10. Says this forum sucks, yet asks us what car to buy. Seems you're the one who cares about our opinion.
    Luckily, we couldn't give a **** about yours.

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  11. We are welcoming to others, at least.
  12. I thought kids stopped pretending to be grown-ups on the internet 10 years ago?
  13. * slow smug clap + shit eating grin *
  14. R8 or Mclaren. Drive them and see.

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