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  1. Sorry but I can't wait for this deal to end with Lotus.
    What have Lotus got out of the deal?......delayed production of the Elise S2 and near extinction!

    Nice car though!<!-- Signature -->
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    Vauxhall paid for all the development to reach this car from the S1 Elise. Lotus then used that research to create the S2 -there would be no S2 without vauxhall.

    The Vauxhall is built to higher standards than that of the Elise -go ask Lotus, they'll tell you. They have to meet strict quality levels for Vauxhall or are penalised.

    The VX220 is a Lotus with a (excellent, award winning) Vauxhall 2.2

    The Elise is a Lotus with a (excellent, but now dated) Rover 1.8

    The Vauxhall is cheaper (check specs first), more reliable, better build quality, faster, higher spec (ABS and airbag), better back-up, MUCH cheaper services and parts/repair costs, and is cheaper to insure (badge less desireable!!). Uses vauxhall parts bin parts.

    The Lotus has advantages -more economical, lower emissions (cheaper tax -co. car and road), better residuals, badge, looks (perhaps). Uses rover, ford, peugeot parts bin parts.

    Handling really is debateable -vaux is heavier, but has wider track. Lotus actually feels faster to drive (more peaky engine), and there are as mentioned elsewhere lotus tuned versions. Vauxhall are introducing 2.0 turbo (from astra etc) in March, but still the 2.2 is very common and solid and therefore will have millions of tuning possibilities.

    Vauxhall are calling it a day in 2004. At the same time, Lotus should have an all new replacement for the elise (assuing they are not bankrupt!).

    Basically buy whichever one takes your fancy.
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    wow is all i can say

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