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  1. What do you think of Trudeau?
  2. he masters social media
    he seems well educated and respectful, not like the neighbor below
    actually had wine with his cousin in Napa Valley this week
  3. But what about his policies? Do you agree with them?
  4. He's too pro immigrations, we should manage this better and he likes to tax people too much, I'm hurt by his new policies for the families.

    On the other hand, anybody who elects Melanie Joly in his cabinet is stupid.
  5. He's an sjw that's implementing PC laws without actually putting them through the proper avenues.
    It is now punishable by law to not call someone by one of the 75 different pronouns they've decided are ok.
  6. he didnt let trump own him in the handshake war

    and ivanka fell in love

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  7. Makes sense, they're both solid 7's.
  8. We could definitely do worse.

  9. He did do well when it came to Trump. And yes, we could have definitely done worse.
  10. No it's not. Professor Peterson woefully ill-informed on this one.
  11. Trudeau leans on his cabinet and on procedure. This is fine; he's not the well-read academic that was his father nor his predecessor, and so that's one of the better ways to get a competent government. But while his image is well-groomed and the media-savvy PMO has presented a very uniform face, this reliance on his cabinet has resulted in fractured policy in practice, and many of the major portfolios seem to diverge philosophically. That's not a criticism, just a note that if you ask people about 'Trudeau' you'll seem to get a schizophrenic set of answers, because people tend to focus on the issues of this portfolio or that portfolio that this government is willing to leave up to the minister responsible, whereas in previous governments you had lieutenants acting out the PMO's agenda, or a power split between factions. That's how you get 'social justice warrior' government that pushes for pipelines, and other oxymorons.

    His government has been competent, stable, predictable and largely has stuck to their election mandate. Not much to complain about, really.
  12. I just read up on it and it appears you are right.
  13. Has Vanilla Ice ever been wrong I wonder
  14. Not that I can remember.
    That's why I actually do some reading if he disagrees with anything I say instead of brushing it under the rug.
  15. I'm pretty sure Vanilla Ice is a robot. No way a human can be as well read on politics, science, military weapons, and all the school stuff he does and have time to post on, eat and sleep.
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  16. I had a beer with him, he's very intelligent. I still remember his explanation of how the aquadynamics of a dead fish work
  17. What happened to the weed though?
    His ability to handle complex debates is also astounding.
  18. The fact that dead fish can still swim upstream, with no muscle activation, is still probably my favorite paper ever written.

    Still haven't had any Toronto / Montreal MEATs since I moved out to Kingston - should set one up at some point.
  19. The law is slow. If you want to shoot off Orders in Council (essentially Canada's equivalent to Executive Orders), only to have them killed by the courts, you won't accomplish anything in the long term. Low-priority legislation, that will include new taxes and regulations, that quasi-independent agencies like the CRA and Health Canada will nod off on, and has a chance of getting through Parliament (the Senate currently being dominated by independents, and having become a more activist house lately) takes time. It's yet to be dropped from the agenda by any means - the regulatory report on the proposed legislation only came out in December.

    If you want to get upset about dropping a major campaign promise, you'd better look towards electoral reform.
  20. You think he will actually manage to pass it? He will probably always be remembered for it either way it goes.
  21. Thanks for the opinions.

    From what i've read online is that some people are fed up with him, but that must be rednecks or something.
  22. how many bad jokes about fluid do you hear on a weekly basis
  23. He's not the intellectual PM that I'd like to have, but he's not really terrible.

    He's too 'progressive' for the sake of being progressive. This ranges from making a fool of himself (and his idiot wife) when they dress up as Indians to much more serious things like bad immigration/refugee policies.

    Many people wanted electoral reform and he promised to address that, then reneged. I'm actually happy about that because if it were to go through, Canadian federal elections would be decided by Toronto alone.

    Hard to say anything about his economic policy this early on. He promised 'modest' deficits and then once elected more than tripled them ($30B for the first few years and then declining to $15B). At least he's not raving about protectionism like Trump is doing. And he knows that trade deals are a real thing. Yet the federal government gave Quebec's Bombardier another $370M to burn the other week. If Trudeau can be the guy to repeal our 1994 Telecommunications Act which precludes foreign service providers from operating in Canada, I'll be very happy. Our phone/internet prices are absurd due to one stupid protectionist policy.

    His wife....
  24. Unfortunately none. I just hang out with other grad students and we joke about how awful our work-life balance is.
  25. why don't you sell your soul to DARPA and develop water drones

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