Caparo T1 Race Extreme

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  1. how about moar power and moar reliability?

    and less weight even moar!
  2. Tell that to Jason Plato, he was set on fire when he tested one, or what about the time it's suspension fell apart during the initial press launch? Or when the throttle of one was stuck open during Goodwood? You stupid fanboy.
  3. more less weight would be far less dum
  4. That is actually the only reason why i haven't bought a T1 yet.. it didn't have enough power
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    I think one of the main problems with the Caparo reliability "issues" were that they had to be played out in the public/press domain, due to budgetary constraints from the parent company.

    This is no Veyron, after all. VAG Group weren't bankrolling 100's of millions into the R & D of the Caparo to produce a prestigious, flagship model to show their zenith of technical abilities. Rather the Caparo was the product of a small offshoot of a metal and composites company. It's R & D wasn't played out under secure, press and paparazi-free gated environments with 'no fly' zones, instead, it's conception was played out in the public eye.

    Therefore, reliability "issues" that no doubt have dogged every new Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, or even VW Polo became "issues" in the public domain.

    Had Caparo produced a car with performance figures on a par with, let's say hot Caterhams, Atoms, Westfields et al, no one would have really noticed the car. Instead, they've delivered a car that pushes the performance envelope, on paper at least( excuse the unintentional pun) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY beyond anything experienced on the road before. Therefore, it's captured the attention of both press and public alike.

    If you haven't seen the footage of 3 Caparos at the Ascari Resort on Youtube ... Here's a wee taster ...

    I'm actually, discussing acquiring one at present.
  6. I couldnt want one any less.
  7. At least the Fieros were able to go to the Nurburgring without breaking =/
  8. Shit, I haven't logged into this forum in eons (due to the typically vacuous dialogue of the posters) but I just had to post +1 for murraydeschot's post. Excellent points all around! Now I'd suggest taking that complete brain of yours and heading out of forever. It's an okay site to check on news, new cars, motorsport updates, and whatnot, but I wouldn't recommend waxing intellect with the forumites here.
  9. youre just a giant pussy.
  10. hay guys this thread just got really mature all of a sudden
  11. Thank you.

    I have noticed that this forum seems plagued by pre-pubescents who simply want to rip the pish out of each other. That can be infuriating, but as there's no way of adopting either an Age Check or IQ test to the membership criteria here, something we'll just have to live with.

    There are actually a few handles that are regulars here whom I recognise from the one or two other automotive forums I view ... these are people I know have a GREAT deal of insight into the subjects they discuss, debate and research. So, I'm personally not too bothered by the gremlins and trolls that eschew doing their reading, writing and sums homework in order to post their feculent nonsense here!

    If I see a topic or subject that I can cast light upon, pass intelligent comment or even add a touch of humour, I'll lend my weight and support to the forum.
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    acquiring one? call me when you get there
  13. Why would I do that?
  14. So I can sit in the backseat and have my face torn off. Then make a story for our magazine...
  15. To be honest, I think you'd be wearing a helmet, as I kind of baulk at the thought of paying 20,000 GBP for the full canopy option, despite reasurrances from CVP's Sales Director last week, that it's optically perfect and to 'helicopter standards'. It still ain't got windscreen wipers, so not only expensive, but impractical and, in essence, dangerous. Especially as I'd intend to locate the car at my home in the West of Scotland, which has a damp climate.

    There are a lot of configurations available for the car actually. The Extreme Race and Extreme Road (the priciest option) can be combined for road useage. The engine, upgrade, suspension, adjustable ECU and aerodynamics of the Race integrated in the Extreme Road, etc. In fact the only thing that you couldn't spec on an Extreme Road would be the slicks, and I'm sure that you could fettle the car for adjusting between Road and Track tyres if you were to trailer it to a circuit one weekend and enjoy a blast down to the beach the next.

    Lots of variables are involved in the acquisition of a car like this. The prime ones in my mind, to be honest, are a) It's actually roadworthiness, b) Caparo's fiscal solidity and c) The reliability issues that have, let's face it, dogged the car. But if all three variables gel, it'd would be a wicked addition to my wee stable.

  17. Gentlemen,

    As I sit in my garden, in my holiday home in Salzburg, drinking tea, I am drawn to take a look back at my successes and accomplishments. Unlike my younger days I no longer yearn to drive my dashing Ferrari's through the Monaco countryside, or my speedboats that is anchored at St. Tropez.

    No, but lately I have been more drawn toward art and the splendid beauty of nature.

    Achieving success on such a massive scale was not easy. Today I control the vast majority of the world's steel production, it is my steel that is used by the world's best automakers. Gold bullion sales around the world are also my business, as is diamonds, import/export of raw materials and other such enterprises.

    But as I stand in my garden with my cup of tea, and with the wind in my face, I cannot help but think, who shall believe my verse in time to come.
  18. lol are you the new IAR or something?
  19. The driving passion of a Ferrari.

    Mclaren F1, Dauer Porsche and the Bugatti Veyron are perhaps the most impressive cars ever made. But they lack something. They lack the history, the passion, the allure, and the charm of a V12 powered Ferrari. But now the question becomes where can this passion be best realized?

    -On the muddy and criminal roads of Australia?

    -On the flawless and fast German Autobahn?

    -On the breathtakingly glorious Autostrada?

    -On the crime filled labourer motorways of America?

    -On the often broken and underfunded motorways of the UK?

    The answer is none of the above.

    Because the driving passion of a Ferrari could only be realized on narrow winding roads, where one does not use hard braking into sharp corners but rather shifts down to massage the gentle giant that is the V12 (A pure automotive masterpiece one might add) where the gems of automobile perfection sing with the winds, captivating the heart of it's driver for a 1,000 years.

    Oh yes gentlemen, a 1,000 years.
  20. Yes, very interesting and 'proof' that not every poster here or other specialist forums is either a freckle-faced tyre kicker, nor a romantic dreamer/wine proofer. Some of us actually have worked themselves to a position where they can indulge in things they like and not live in a constant dreamworld. Period.
  21. I shall toast to your good name at the gala charity I have organized tonight. You Sir are a man with impeccable taste. May I enquire what machines currently nest in the bosom (Garage) of your dwelling? I for one would like to extend a welcoming hand to this online establishment here at 'SCN'.

    We're not all goons indeed good fellow! I admire your perseverance though. If our forefathers had given up their vocations we would not be here, waxing lyrical of our achievements. I beg you stay and try and knock some sense into these young ones.

    Cheers Good Man!
  22. Bugatti lacks history?
  23. Indeed you peasant. Bugatti cannot compare to the reach of Ferrari. Now you shall not quote me or reply to this post. Understand lowly commoner.
  24. The dismal contents of my stable (in comparison to others I know) are not for wide-spread consumption - I'd be ashamed - it's hardly LeMan Winner Anno ?, Prototype This and Development Car That, but you cut your own cloth, don't you?. I have an acquaintance with a stable that runs into 10's of millions, each car with a 'special' provenance ... his cars are ALL over the web. Question him about his credibilty and he'll ignore you FAR more than I will, I do actually rise to the bait ... my downfall!

    However, I'm amused by your preambling over the house in Salzburg, etc. ... you've a creative mind. Ever considered opening a media business, when you graduate high school? Maybe you could apply to do the weekly cleaning duties in my wee apartment I rent out (aside from, God forbid, the three weeks January/February when I haul myself and the 'kids', my two Malamutes, Atka and Bear, down to the Tyrol for pleasure at 3,000 metres) in Zell-am-See ... it's not too far away, after all and may supplement your education costs in the interim.
    In other words ... I'VE FVCK ALL TO PROVE ASIDE TO MYSELF AND MY FAMILY. Don't believe me? Seek out my bank manager and see what he'll say without my approval.

    Now, whilst that sinks into your more than obvious educated mind, bear in that precious mind, I have NO issues admitting I lived in a tent(!) 10 years ago when I relocated myself, abandoning businesses and houses I had. The product of an acrimonious marital break-up in a Homer moment of registered posting keys to houses and cars to the ex en route to the airport. Admittedly, that was my 'issue' at the time.

    However, the fact that I established businesses that thrived through shear fvcking hard work and plenty of blood, sweat and sackings is something I, for one, am proud of. I DON'T claim to be anything other than I am ... an uneducated, but (I reckon smart) minded 43 year old, that has toiled to the place he has placed himself in.

    I know people on internet forums that spend more in their annual service budget on a single car than the acquisition of a Caparo will cost me ... go back to to your dreams of Ferrari's in the hills above Monaco and balmy evening's eating in the Hotel de Paris Restaurant in Monaco (I've been there, but who wants to spend how-fvcking-much on a main course comprising of Fish Tripe?!!!). I'll go back to working towards insurance payments on a T1.

    Greetings from Willemstad, Holiday March 2009.

  25. IAR?

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