Car body style

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by Dahlis, Aug 6, 2006.

  1. What kind of body does your car have?
  2. Hatchback/Compact
  3. estate like the Audi RS4/RS6 Avant
  4. 1 hatchback, 1 convertible. Voted for the hatch since it's the one I'm still driving.
  5. sedan and then estate.
  6. hatchback
  7. my 5000+lbs bimmer...wish it were a coupe...
  9. more like a CUV...and estate i sps? (5 dr maz3)
  10. Coupe + hatch/liftback.
  11. Coupe and Sedan.
  12. Saloon, although I do have an SUV I'm selling it soon... So I voted for the Jag.
  13. Coupe. It's the best combo of all.
  14. Good estates are the most badass cars, like the S6 Avant, RS2 or the Venice 456.
  15. convertible till september, then insurance runs out
  16. 1x hatch
    1x roadster

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