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Discussion in 'American Cars' started by 10th Annv SVT Cobra, Dec 25, 2004.

  1. I already knew it would make the 10 best list.
  2. the list of nominees is pretty impressive.
  3. Adding the 3 series on there was stupid. They had a sports sedan and luxry sedan categories, but they needed a luxury sports sedan category?

    And where was the compact award, the Focus or 3 should have been on 10best.
  4. Those engineers at BMW must have enormous egos by now.
  5. Mazda6 > Accord
    Almost everything > Magnum (sad excuse for a wagon)
    Almost everything > SLK

    Muscle Car as a category? So the Mustang wins by default?
  6. I'm glad the Mustang won the "muscle car" category over the Chevelle, GTO, Charger, Challenger, Cuda, Camaro, Firebird and 442. O wait a minute...
  7. What were the other cars in the "muscle car" category?
  8. GTO?
  9. I forgot about that one, if you can even call it a "muscle car". They need a Judge to take that catagorie.
  10. I too found some of their categories puzzeling. But best muscle car takes the cake. A category for 2 cars? How lame. Atleast make it best 2+2 or anything more broad.
  11. The GTO is IMHO too expensive to qualify as a muscle car in the traditional sense. In price/horsepower/acceleration terms it isn't a standout like the Mustang is.
  12. How in the hell did the RX-8 get "Best Sports Coupe?"
  13. Best Luxury Sports Car: Mercedes-Benz SLK350 ?!

    Why not the SLK 55 AMG, didnŽt they know about it?
  14. just for reference.

    car and driver is possibly the worse car magazine ever made... by far. Import Tuner has more valid information than car and driver.
  15. I disagree with car and driver. The muscle car is a 1964-1971 thing, a coupe with a carburated big block engine, rwd, short axle ratio and over 360hp not some car fitted with too many electronic assistances.
  16. They wsaid they weren't able to get an 05 GTO for the 10 Best tests, so it was disqualified. Basically handing the win to the Mustang, which is better anyways.
  17. Good Point
  18. Well pontiac should have gave them one to test!
  19. If the question us "weighing ~400 pounds more and offering less useable rear seats" then the answer is a clear YES!
  20. the GTO is slightly more expensive than the mustang but hell even the 04 is faster. Not only according to every time I have seen the two race but by personal experience.
  21. Slightly = 10k for compareable performance?
  22. While offering less performance and questionable reliability.
  23. They were'nt ready in time.

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