Car I Designed.

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  1. wow i cant believe a fellow "designer" would stoop so low. you basically took my classic "alien driving his alien sports car" concept drawing and halfass pshopped the emblem to the middle (wft doesnt even make sense, do you even know basic car layouts??) and changed the fender a bit

    i hope a mod takes notice and bans your ass for blatant plagiarism
  2. that was a pretty poor atempt at a joke.

    and you spend a lot of time thinking it up too I bet. twat
  3. youre going to get banned you little dipshit
  4. i'm being attacked, and I get banned. makes a lot of sense.
  5. dont test me mother#$%#er
  6. These drawings there good.
  7. That is clearly a Colani design, second hand plagiarism.
  8. How many liters the engine?
  9. Did the Great Pyramids inpire your design?
  10. haha fuuuuuuck
  11. infact you are correct

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