Car shopping today/z06 is shit

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Phanofmuzik, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. Car shopping today

    Well today i started car shopping, and i test drove a c5 z06, a lancer evo, and an 05 sti.

    First i drove the EVO, and outside of semi light steering (i like kinda heavy steering), the car drove fantastic. very very nice. Gearbox felt great. awesome visibility and pretty comfortable for the kind of car. Overall was very impressed.

    then i drove the z06. My god the z06 drove like shit and had a hideous interior. Seriously pathetic. it had the feedback and feel of my dads #$%#ing suburban. i could tell it was fast and had grip/torque and such, but christ the thing just drove like shit. Shit visibility, shit steering feel, shit brake feel, ultra shit seats, shit feeling gearbox, etc etc. overall extremely disappointing. Crossed that off my list.

    last i drove an 05 sti (blue). drove somewhat similar to the evo, as expected. not quite as good of visiblilty as the evo, and the gas was a bit more touchy, but the tranny felt great, and the interior/exterior are better looking IMO (not a huge margin though). Also the seats are better than the evos for me.

    Tom i think i might go drive an e36 and an older 911 (964, 87-92 i think), and if i can find one, a 944 turbo.

    evo drives marginally better and is a bit cheaper, but the sti has a better interior/looks better/whatever. Oh what to do!
  2. Car shopping today

  3. Car shopping today

    lol @ z06..... i want a sti.... wish i could afford one.... =/.... maybe i should get a freaken job.... lol
  4. Car shopping today

    i have driven none of them, but i say go with the sti
  5. Car shopping today

    Teh z06 has nice squishy seats, what are you talking about?
  6. Car shopping today

    they dont grip at all. theyre total shit. not to mention they are in a shit spot making the driving position terrible. They expect you to drive like a #$%#ing mexican or something with the seat leaned way back, because it just doesnt work if youre in a propper driving position.

    not to mention zero lateral support and it was made out of that super shit pleather.
  7. If you plan on modifying whatever car you buy, keep in mind that the sti's turbo is quite a ways from the engine, making for poor spool on big turbos.
  8. i wont be modding it much if at all for a while. At most i would chip it and maybe drop it some.
  9. You are going to drive a supercar soon. On a daily bases
  10. yes.
  11. Then it's all just personal preferance then. Neither has much on the other, though the sti will sound better with exhaust.
  12. clearly the answer is a DB9
  13. You know, DB9 on a budget.
  14. holy jesus i just found an 87 911 turbo near me, non slantnose. Jesus i want it so #$%#ing bad its not even funny. 55k miles. I am about to piss myself i want it so bad. Guards red.
  15. how bad is it to maintain?
  16. the turbo? not that bad. Expensive to repair, but the engine had over 30 years of development at that point (the aircooled flat 6), and it was quite a while after the turbos came out, so theyre pretty reliable. and porsches in general are made like tanks.

    more than anything i love the feel of the old P cars, not to mention that theyre fun as hell to drive, and demand quite a bit of skill to get really fast with em, which interests me.
  17. is shit.
  18. your shit/ a ricer.
  19. go away.... no one likes you
  20. quit following me around.
  21. If you actually buy an 87 guards red 911 turbo, I'll blow you. Cool.
  22. lol @ Z06... was is "like driving an accordian"?

    haha i love that phrase

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