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  1. What a loser, trade you for a better w00t.
  2. If he is towing stuff, he would be stupid to get anything else. The sole reason not to want to own a modern diesel is the noise. They are equal if not better on performance for anything but performance cars, have better fuel economy, offer better round town performance, its just they sound like arse. The current euro diesels are awesome, unless you are getting a big petrol engine, (4L+) its a no brainer.
  3. he has a 200hp 4 cylinder petrol powered car, works great for towing. you don't really need a big engine for towing.
  4. No, but if you want the engine to last, and you want to tow comfortably, the torque of a diesel helps. What im saying is that in your dads price range, and to meet his requirements, a diesel fits the bill much better than a petrol. Its worth convincing him to test drive some at least.
  5. what about something like a bmw 540D? Do they still make that one? It was mega awesome/powerful/fast.
  6. It only goes up the 530D at the moment, which is a 6-inline with a turbo.
    kW: 180
    pk: 245
    Nm: 540
  7. It goes up to 535D which is the same inline six with sequential twin turbos,(actually i dont know if they released that engine on the new 5,) but that is about to be replaced with a new model and be called the 540d, which has over 200kw.
  8. mercedes g-klasse is also a posibility.
  9. rr sport is better and cheaper...
  10. and a million times less reliable.
  11. what do the Range Rover deisels go for over there?
  12. Someone mentioned the Legacy and that's a great idea.

    And burner, the 3.0 V6 sounded great and was smooth as silk from what I remember.
  13. Rubbish, this is not 1996.
  14. It is way underpowered and uses way to much fuel. The engine was outclassed when it was new, its over 10 years old now and way behind anything from germany. The TT diesel on the other hand is better than anything else out there apart from the new BMW engine.
  15. Alfa 159 3.2 V6 Q4
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  17. burner sounding like AMGrulz here
  18. Land rover comes in dead last in every quality ranking there is. While I know those arent the end all be all, theyre ALWAYS in LAST spot by a huge margin.
  19. Citroen C6

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  20. my dad doesn't really like french cars i'm afraid.
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  22. no, thats too korean looking
  23. You should really find out the weight of the caravan.
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