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    So looks like I need a car. A beater to get me to work and back, as biking in the Cayman Islands is a bit demanding (35C and blasting sun, or torrential downpour rain)

    Anyway, I just need something cheap that will run. There is this Opel Tigra for sale in my apartment building, but I don't know anything about the car. wtf is Opel lol. I'm worried how difficult parts would be to find for it on the island.

    This is about 2,000USD(1,800 Euro) equivalent, which is about my budget, maybe a bit more for something decent but i really don't need decent.

    There's other stuff on that site if you guys find holler. I assume civic or accord would be the best choice for reliable, workhorse and cheap on gas.
  2. I"ve never heard of that either. Opel is essentially GM so parts availability shouldn't be too too bad. transmissions are fairly solid in all GM vehicles. no idea what engine and I"ll have to do some homework on what these things are. shall advise possibly later today
  3. Opel is Vauxhall is GM, so you can probably buy parts from a vending machine.
  4. any idea on the mileage? appears to be a 1.4L 4 banger with a 4 speed auto. apparently they run into timing chain issues (doesn't look to hard to do it but I could suspect it could cost some coin to have it done). those 4 speeds are pretty indestructable and you can buy a new one here (around your home town) for about 600 bucks.
  5. That's essentially an Opel/Vauxhall Corsa, which are very common cars. Not the best to drive and quality is fairly low but so is the cost.
  6. Why are you on Cayman Islands?
  7. My brother had two Tigras (the 90's-early00's one)
    Just get a normal Corsa instead, really, I really hated that thing, especially how far back the seatbelts are positioned, you need to be a #$%#ing acrobat to put them on and I'm pretty flexible myself. The seats in the back are just design, don't really serve any purpose unless you're 5ft. If you're any taller people will bump their heads against that shitty glass 3rd door. Also, don't close that 3rd door too hard while the windows aren't opened, it's a bit of a design flaw, but what happens is that you push a lot of air inside and shit will break. In later versions the windows open a little bit when you open the trunk. Visibility is awful. If you really want to get this type of car, you'd be better off looking for a Celica or Puma from around the same era.

    edit: oh weak spot on both his Tigras was keeping the oil temperature low, but knowing my brother he probably bought 2 lemons. He's like "so pretty *_* mine mine" and puts up with it
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  9. haha tigra. thats the most female car ever made.
  10. Working here instead of Canada lol
  11. oh #$%#, lots of cons, especially the visibility and unergonomic interior seem annoying. The door closing thing is pretty funny, I guess I'd have to be extra careful.

    The Gallant is awesome, but I really don't have 3k, I need a legit piece of shit beater, and something EASY on gas.
  12. If the Cayman Islands are like any other island-state in the region, there should be plenty of Toyota beaters, no? Sure, there's a risk you fall asleep while looking at them, but they're hard to beat when it comes to what you're looking for (also regarding spare parts).
  13. im actually surprised you have opels there
  14. its actually a rarity. Never seen another on the island, so I'm worried about parts

    @Moo, ya there are tons of civics and accords, which hold value a bit better so I might bite the bullet on one of those instead. Still wanna take this tigra for a ride and see how painful and inconvenient it really is before deciding. The price is good, and they told me only 79,000kms on it.
  15. well, trying it is free so go for it <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/PnutSpecial.gif"></A>
    maybe you like it and we're just different haha
  16. Most Tigras have vanished from the roads here. That probably says something about their durability.
  17. What kind of job?

    How did you get it?

  18. Answer you nigger
  19. I do the same thing I did in Toronto. I cook in an Italian restaurant. I got the job sort of through luck, and also because I have a pretty good resume with Italian food.

    I work a lot here (6 days a week) but I make better money than Canada (tax free as well).
  20. Sounds nice. Are there lots of drugs and prostitutes available?
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    Not really. Pretty square island, the locals are very religious and because of the banks and money, there is quite a bit of police to keep things in check. The service industry however is as any service industry, into cocaine and alcohol. But its not a very "party" island like cancun, or something. Its pretty quiet in general. I kindda like that.


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    I'd get that for comedy value alone. Never drive it with the soft top on.
  23. when I saw Vman's response I knew it was a Vitara
    get it! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>
  24. The Jimny I drove around in for a few months was absolutely hysterical.
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    I always thought that Mexico was too poor to afford a real navy.

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