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  1. That sucks! :(
  2. Just came back from Jakarta. Shitty mobile pics

    48274644676_5835a9b430_z.jpg 48274643766_c05445b9d0_z.jpg 48274725402_1ee7e24024_z.jpg 48274726272_a1997367ae_z.jpg 48274726147_6d3a2dbafe_z.jpg
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  3. I don't know how anyone could drive a Miura in Jakarta though. You will have a heartattack as soon as you leave the parking spot.
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  4. I am looking at a VFR800 as well. Very nice bikes
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  5. Had to change my airfilter, so i bought a K&N. Got a good deal on it, so i wanted to try it. Probably not noticeable at all.
  6. Didn't you just buy that Mazda? Seems early for an air filter.
  7. 2nd hand Mazda. Not a new one.

    Filter looked dirty. So i thought i would change it.
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  8. A friend of mine just bought a 94 VFR750 (his second one)

    Stainless headers, carbon can, Maxton suspension. Calypso Blue (rare colour, at least I've never seen one).

    Went for a ride on it yesterday, baffle out. ****, I miss mine so much. I really need a 750 again.
  9. I'm really trying to find a good condition RC51. Still my favorite bike ever. I don't like the feel of a lot of the newer bikes
  10. Don't notice shit with the K&N filter as expected, no better throttle response or hp difference, but the sound did change. It's more raw/darker after 4k rpm, so that's nice.
  11. Improved noise is basically the only reason to upgrade the air filter on a regular car.

    I want one for mine. More turbo noises ftw!
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  12. Just be careful if/when you ever need to wash and re-oil the filter, too much oil can really **** up your MAF.
  13. Unless it's a dry drop in
  14. Yeah i read about it. Needs to be cleaned after 35k miles or so, but i only drive like 5k miles a year so i should be good for a couple of years lol
  15. And the sticker, don't forget the sticker
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  16. Next week i'm gonna change the spark plugs.

    I notice when i start the car the revs will be a bit all over the place. It moves from 2000 rpm to 1000rpm, then goes back to 1500 rpm, also it has trouble starting sometimes.

    Don't think they ever been replaced.
  17. It's the sticker that actually gives you more horsepower. +10hp per sticker.

    Also Yellow. Yellow = horsepower.
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  18. It's always worth replacing things like that.
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  19. I've finally figured out why my headlights are aligned too high and I keep getting flashed by people. Tbh it's taken me longer to figure out than it should have done but yeah, I'm 99% certain now that in its previous life it was lowered, so the lights were adjusted up so they still pointed down the road correctly, but before it was sold on they must have returned it to stock without adjusting the headlights back down.

    Luckily it's a simple adjustment of a 7mm hex screw in each headlight, so I'm going to do that tonight.

    Speaking of lights. I'm tempted to get some of these Autobeam LED bulbs (except for headlight dipped beam, as they're Xenon HIDs already)

    I don't think I'd bother doing stuff like footwell lights, but indicators, side lights, and fog lights would be good I think.
  20. I did all the interior lights on the M5 and I feel like it modernized the interior of the car.
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  21. Yeah I think I'd do both dome lights and leave it at that for interior stuff. It doesn't have footwell lights as standard so I don't want to start trying to wire new things in.
  22. footwell lights are a bit tacky imo
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  23. How else are you going to watch yourself double clutching?!
  24. I think they're alright on cars that had them anyway, but as soon as you start adding them to cars that it was never even an option in, yeah it looks pretty naff

    Same with like, puddle illumination and door handle lights for me Fine if OEM (like 3-series etc). Shit if aftermarket

  25. The worst aftermarket light trend I've seen recently are the ones that you install in the bottom edge of your door which project your car's badge on the floor

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