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  1. Haha yes that's so terrible. And most luxury car brand offer it as an option now. So tacky.
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  2. That's are standard in most cars now in Canada. But the cheap cars it's just a light, any higher end car has the manufacturer emblem displayed. M F150 lights up a baseball field, my Range Rover basically just projects the Land Rover emblem, My 87 Vette doesn't light up shit, including the interior or dash.
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  3. Just replaced the spark plugs. Put Bosch Iridium in it.

    HUGE difference. Better throttle response, more torque in the lower rpm and it's much more stable at idle now.
  4. Also had my car checked. I hear a really annoying squeak coming from the back. Sounds like a bird chirping. I only hear it going over bumps(small or big, doesn't matter) and it increases when i use the throttle. When i lift off, usually i hear it less or it's gone completely. And when it's damp or it rains, i don't hear it either. The mechanic checked every bit on the car, took it for a testdrive. Can't find it. This is annoying. At least it's not an important part that's broken though, that's good to know.

    I'm thinking it might be the trunk or something.
  5. A bird died in your car. Or your springs since weight transfer seems to change the sound.
  6. I was thinking that too at first, but i tried to push the car down when it's standing stil and i don't really hear anything.
  7. Get bigger muscles
    Is your car a hatch? If so, probably the hatch.
  8. Yeah hatchback
  9. Springcleaning

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  10. I fucking rear-ended someone today. UGH

    Thankfully, the only damage my car sustained was a cracked number plate. The other guy's Mazda 2 has a bent rear bumper that will need repairing. He was so calm and collected tbh i was expecting someone totally raging.

    I was approaching a red light, and noticed a wasp in my car, so in the process of trying to get that fucker out of the car and braking slightly, I ended up not braking enough and hitting him at like, 5mph.

    exchanged details etc no issues, both on our way

    dude didn't know straight away who he was insured with - ended up looking on his phone and saying it was the same insurance company as me. seemed weird but yeah who knows. tbh i'd rather pay him direct for his new bumper instead of claiming on insurance. My Compulsory excess is probably the same amount.

    I'll call him tomorrow and see what the crack is. I realised I haven't got his address so will have to get that info.
  11. tenor.gif
  12. How common are marten damages wherever you live? These ****s have chewed through the cables of my car twice now. It's very annoying.
  13. Decapitate one and leave the head on a pike as a lesson to the others.
  14. Common here. Never happend to my car though.
  15. I traded my rusty 4Runner for this 2020 Rav4 Hybrid a few weeks ago. Terribly exciting stuff going on in my world these days.

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  16. F
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  17. U
  18. Great car! Don't really like the square wheelarches though. Previous gen looked better.
  19. NO U
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  20. had to look up martens

    theyre cute keep feeding them your cables
  21. To be fair, I still have a title that says I own an M5, but I haven't seen it in almost two years and I think we're gonna end up in court.
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  22. Yeah, not sure why they exaggerated the arches so much. Maybe because they make a dedicated off road version for this new generation.
  23. They expect you to pay full price even though their idea didn't work?
  24. No! Those animals are a big problem here, it seems. In the middle of a forest in Finland I had no problems whatsoever. Then I moved to the second-largest city in Germany and suddenly ghetto-ass animals have killed my car twice.

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